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Paradise Lost


The poem lost paradise is a narrative done by Milton and it elaborates more on the first story in the bible that talks of Adam and Eve. According to Milton, he wanted the public to judge God on the punishment that he gives to us. On the other hand, these punishments are not as justified as they are put. Therefore, this paper is going to look at the type of mistakes that were done by both humanity and Lucifer and the reason they were punished and also if the punishment was justified.

The story talks more about how they were deceived by Satan whom at that time was called Lucifer. He was one of the angels in heaven but his rebellion made him to be thrown out of heaven. Because of this, he decided to come to the Garden of Eden in the form of a serpent so that he could make the humans who were Gods creation to rebel against their creator. Lucifer came to the Garden of Eden, which is also called paradise, as he had the thirst for revenge and he brought about the downfall of man that made them lost their position in paradise.

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However, the story elopes in hell and it is realized that Satan together with his rebellious followers recover from the war that they started against God and they were defeated. As they are doing these, they come up with a strategy of making a palace, which they call pandemonium. Here, they are consulting if they are in a position of going back to the battle or not. Instead of going back to the battlefield, they embark on a exploring the prophesies that can be created in the new world and it is from these prophesies that they can come up with a perfect plan to enable them win the lost glory.

On the way out of hell at the gate, he meets death and sin who are his offspring, and they are the ones who open for him the gates. As he is travelling through chaos, he finds a new floating universe somewhere near the globe that is also known as heaven. As he is flying across, God who on the other hand predicts that man is going to have a downfall sees him. God's son who is seen to be sited on the right hand decides to himself as a sacrifice so that man can be saved. Meanwhile, Satan gets a chance of entering the new world. He tricks an angel and enters the sun and the angel shows him the way that leads to man's home.

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Satan gets a chance of entering into the Garden of Eden and after seeing Adam and Eve, he becomes jealous. As he is there, he overheard the two talking about God's commandment that forbids them from eating the forbidden fruit. Angel Uriel warns his fellow angels through angel Gabriel who are guarding the paradise gates, that Satan is present. The angels get a chance of apprehending him and they banish him from the Garden of Eden. Angel Raphael is sent to warn Adam and eve about Satan. Raphael tells them all about his jealousy and how he was sent away from heaven and how they had waged war against God and they were defeated. Moreover, he talks about the incident that made the messiah who is God's son, to cast his followers and he included into hell. In addition, he talks of how the fallen angels are supposed to be replaced by humankind who was created by God.

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After being sent away from the Garden of Eden, Satan returns in form of a serpent and finds eve alone. He entices her and makes her eat the fruit from the forbidden tree. Adam returns and he also falls victim through eve his wife. They lost their innocence and realize that they are naked. It is during this time that they start becoming hostile to one another in shame and despair. Gods son descend with the aim of judging the sinners and saving them from perishing through death. Sin and death sensed that Satan had become victorious, they opened the highway that led to earth and this became their new home. When Satan returned to hell, he was never given a hero's welcome but instead him and his friends were punished by being turned into serpents. On the other hand, Adam and Eve reconciled and Michael was sent by god to expel them from paradise. Before leaving, they were told their results from sinning. He was saddened by this event but on the other hand relived after realization that he would be saved from these tribulation through the coming of the savior. Adam and eve went away from heaven but they were mitigated with hope.

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From the poem, we realize that the Satan that Milton was talking about was all about being a promethean hero, who only wanted to show that he was more powerful or equal to what Milton, calls the unjust God. That is the reason why he thinks of himself being in a position of shaking God's throne. The serpent or Satan is just full of greed and hate that is seen to be indefinite. His greed is the reason that he feels that he can be equal to the most high and these made him oppose him with the aim of overthrowing him from his monarchy and throne. Therefore we realize that Satan's hatred led to him having greed, his greed let his heart to be commanded and his heart was made to bleed with a lot of envy and this eventually led to him lusting for power.

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In addition, Satan is portrayed as the type of person who just wanted to have power so that he can have the upper hand of controlling the brains and the brawls of the people. Therefore, he was the type of person who always fought with a lot of selfishness and greed. The serpent as it is known is always full of revenge and envy. That is the reason why Satan decided to use it saw as to show what his mission was and what really inspired him to proceed with what he was doing. Therefore being cast to the fire that made it spawn up, shows that he was full of rage and violence.  

The desire of Satan to be equal to God and he thought that he was the one that was supposed to reign heaven. Through the poem it is realized that he wanted to show that he was as powerful that he could do anything without being questioned but all he wanted was to have the throne to use it in his ambitions. His ambitions, finally led him to where he inspired to be, but on the centrally, he was on the opposing side.  

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Paradise lost, talks more of the of the things that are happening today by connecting them to the events that took place and eventually made the world to be as it is now. It first begins with the awesome power that the almighty has and it is through jealousy that he has a rebellion from his angels. It continues by stating that Satan is the root of all evil since human kind did not know anything about being rebellious until Satan introduced them to it. It goes through to conclude that Satan being persistent was thrown out from the Garden of Eden and still found his way to trick the human kind so that they could perish with him. On the other hand, God's son who is always sited on the right hand of God decided to offer himself as a sacrifice so that humankind could be saved from death and sin who are the offspring of Satan.

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Paradise lost also shows how God can be forgiving. This is revealed by story that even after forming a rebellion against God, Satan was not killed so that his menace could stop, but he was forgiven and made to live. This made Satan survive and has a new place that is hell. He was also given a chance of doing the things that he wants. In addition, the forgiving nature of God is that, he had said that whoever eats from the forbidden fruit would perish, but instead Adam and Eve did not die but they were given a second chance so that they could live again. This shows that he punished them but never killed them. He also gave them a second chance that they could believe that they were to be saved by a savior. Through all this we are made to be live that the ever forgiving most high can even forgive his enemies.

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