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The Gift of Therapy

The following is an analysis of the gift of therapy by Irvin Yalom that was published on 2003. The gift of therapy is a book that has been written by Irvin Yalom who is a psychiatrist and an author. He has been in the field of psychotherapy for thirty-five years. In this book he offers his own view for any person who is willing to pursue psychotherapy .through his knowledge in the field of psychotherapy he offers his wisdom to the willing readers in his fiction and non-fiction book. He says that the guidebook is able to offer guideline to the psychotherapist. In his book he remarks, "An idiosyncratic mélange of ideas and techniques that I have found useful in my work. These ideas are so personal, opinionated, and occasionally original that the reader is unlikely to encounter them elsewhere. I selected the eighty-five categories in this volume randomly guided by my passion for the task rather than any particular order or system."

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In his work, he is able to enrich therapeutically process for generation to come and for the counselors in this field where patients gotten a great advantage. According to the book, Yalom argues that if the future of psychotherapy is in the psycho-pharmaceuticals and the short-term therapies that are offered by HMOs, then there must be trouble in the profession. Therefore, in addressing this crisis, he wrote this book. I a book he ensures that he offers a well based knowledge on how therapy is to be done. This is through his brief, external and slight form of therapy. He says that a good therapy is that one ids capable of encountering another person. This makes it genuine, as one is able to tackle the patient problem head on. He criticizes the method that therapist has been using of making DSMIV diagnosis. This was in exception of the case of insurance purpose.

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The reason that he gave that this should be avoided is that it threaten human. He also termed it as spontaneous which create uncertain nature of therapeutic venture. Through this guidebook, he put a lot of emphasis on psychotherapist using dream analysis. Another method that he says is of great use to them is the group therapy as well as wholly inventive form of treatment. Nevertheless, he knew that traditionalist will obviously refute his idea. As he said, that some of the traditionalist will squirm at his suggestion. Some of the suggestions that he raised that may raise contention is the revealing of the therapist personal life and do not be afraid of touching your patient. These are expected to raise motion in most of that psychotherapist who are so much conservative. He offered other tips in psychotherapy that were supposed to help in the maintenance of once ethical condition during therapy. One of them is that a psychotherapist should never be sexual with patients. Those who are in this habit he called them non-brainers

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In his book, he explore the order psychotherapy idea but putting more emphasis on them. He integrates these ideas in more comprehensive method to ensure that they are well understood. Some of the ideas that he had explored earlier has been well illustrated in this book making it better. Through his wise and charming idea, the book has gotten a lot of credit from its readers. It has turned to be very helpful to the psychotherapist and the counselor as it emphasis on the direct issues that has been making the process unsuccessful. Through his many years of experience in the process, he has been very helpful in the field. For the newcomer patients as much as therapist, they are capable of getting a lot of information.

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