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Faith in the Halls of Power


The novel "Faith in the Halls of Power" by D. Michael Lindsay is a religious novel that is aimed at highlighting on the different ways in which religious individuals influence have on there roles in the society. The novel highlights the ways the religious (Christians) are taking care of their roles in the top management fields in the public and private sectors of either the governmental or non governmental organizations. This has made the Christian (Religious) individuals in the top management are seen as very prominent and also playing a leading role in the improving and supporting of Christians in the entire society (Lindsay, 2007).

The synopsis of the novel is very different from the other novels in history or literature classes. This is because it basically doesn't highlight or follow a specific sequence or story line; but highlights on the different encounters that the novelists had with influential personalities in all the sectors. These include the media, politics, business, entertainment amongst other sector; that are seen to be held by people who are believed or seen as individual who have a massive followers from the different sections of the American community.

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The novel is written by the novelist in a manner that the reader will be in a position read   the diverse opinions of Evangelicals  Americans in the leadership roles / positions and how the mix there faith (religious beliefs) and there roles in the society,  the novel also tells us how  they manage to juggle around these two completely different activities and   how there input in the community has helped in transforming the community/(world) for the betterment of the entire people living in the community (Lindsay, 2007).  This eventually helps the readers make a solid choice of what is expected of them and how they are supposed to conduct their duties when they occupy the top positions in the community.

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The interviews that have been conducted in the book contain interviews from people from different sectors who hold different leadership roles in different fields, ranging from corporate fields, political scenes, and the entertainment scene. It also includes from the political, intellectual, cultural and economic and conducts interviews of around 360 different individuals. This makes it apparently clear that each of these leadership roles that are held by these people with high religious beliefs have an impact on the society that these individuals live in.

The novel also states on the changes and contributions that the Evangelical leaders have been able to help transform the American society to a well motivating society which has an increased sense of faith in the community. This is when these leaders join hands in order to come up with products that will ensure that they give back to the society. At the same time they set the pace that will help transform the society and thus making it easy for the American communities to live in a place that is religiously motivated (Rice University Department of Sociology, 2009).

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In the book the author has expressed different ways and styles that have been used by the political, business, cultural and entertainment leaders in conserving and rectifying the American faith. This different ways of improving the faith amongst the American community is through the use of the movements and organizations. These were formed by the elite and faithful American nationals that took the leadership positions in attempts aimed at improving the activities and movement of the faithful Americans in the society (Lindsay, 2007).   

In the book the novelist highlights on the significant changes that have been as a result of the intervention of the faithful Christians in the society. These sectors of leadership vary from the political, business, entertainment and cultural practices.

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In the political sector the organization aims at ensuring that there is equal distribution of resources and other opportunities. This will automatically ensure that the right of the individuals that believes in faith is secured. It also helps in solving the problems that may arise as a result of the political difference is well taken care of this will eventually reduce the cases of commotion ad struggle for the top positions.

The book also states that Faith in politics that also another way that introduces the equal distribution of government resource to all the sections of the country. This will reduce the cases of hatred amongst the American citizens and it will automatically ensure that all the citizens are satisfied with the government services (Rice University Department of Sociology, 2009).

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The book also states that the faith oriented groups have been able to subsequently provide the community with intellectual experience. This ensured the children were provided with the best care and teachings that were all seen as useful to the community. This will ensure that the person involved in the teaching or running a certain position will make sure that the individuals will uphold the highest dignity and ensure that the society maintains high levels of disciplines amongst the people in their respective disciplines.

In the corporate field these leaders in the sector with Evangelicals who are in the business leadership are able to operate businesses that will be used to spread there evangelistic ideas to their followers. This is in the form of churches and other structures that are used by the organizations in order to facilitate the proper running and development of the faith of the individuals in the entire population (Lindsay, 2007). 

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The book can be compared to a varied number of books that we have read in class. It should be noted that the book has similar reasoning with the other books that are basically religious oriented types of books. This is because it states the different ways in which the organizations and elites helps in the development of a community or even a section of the population, In other words, there are different types of books that have argued about religious activities in the society. These books have also urged the use of different styles in making sure that the organizations are influencing the public living around them positively. This will to some extent improve the living conditions of the people living next to these organizations. On the other hand the book is basically used in ensuring that the leaders of the different organizations in the country help in making the living of individuals improved to the betterment of the people, instead of leaving them suffer. This is because they don't directly want top associate with themselves.

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I would evaluate and say that the book is of great help and has got positive influence on the reader after completion of   book. In other words I tend to back all the sentiments raised by the author of the book and also from the plot of book. In addition, I tend to appreciate that the interviews that he has had with the different Evangelical leaders and the other leader from the different fields. I also tend to agree that its very possible if the leaders came up together in order to make positive contributions to the society. This will automatically ensure that the individuals of the society that they live in are well taken care of and at the same time there faith is improved as a result of there joint efforts (Rice University Department of Sociology, 2009). 

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In conclusion I believe that the book is very persuasive especially to Christians because of it writing style. This is where the author has included many different leaders from different sectors and has noted that the top most officials are acting as good role models in the society. With the use of the personal experience from these kinds of people the reader is forced to emulate what his leaders and personal role models are advocating for. These topmost section of the population include Political And Religious Leaders, Celebrities, High Profile Business Managers amongst other influential people in the society. This style will eventually make these people to sway the interests and attitudes of people towards the direction that is set by these leaders. Thus the public will also want to be associated with a specific individual who in one-way or the other seems to be very responsible and appreciative to the larger cross section. This will be a very important thing this book will have on the readers and people who believe in Christian faith (Lindsay, 2007).

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