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Boeng Leadership and Management

In the fast-changing economy, it is imperative to distinguish between leadership and management. Leadership involves the setting of a new course or vision for an organization or a group of people. This new course has the leader as its spearhead. Management, on the other hand, involves controlling or directing the organizational resources or people in accordance with the values or principles that are already in place. Managers have subordinates, authoritarian and transactional style, seek comfort and are work -focused (Maccoby, 2000).

Conversely, leaders have followers, are charismatic and have transformational style, are people-focused, and seek risk. Leadership and management determine the performance of companies in their various operations. In Boeing Company, there are certain roles and responsibilities that the leaders and managers play in order to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture. This paper explores these roles and responsibilities, and evaluates management and globalization effects across borders. It also recommends strategies that the leaders and managers should apply in order to achieve this healthy organizational culture in the company (Maccoby, 2000).

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To start with, Boeing's leadership should play certain roles in order to create and maintain a healthy organizational culture. One of the leadership roles is creating a vision. This involves the company's goals and objectives it intends to achieve after a given time. Leaders should be capable of creating organizational goals and objectives. This is instrumental in that it provides the company with a purpose of its operations. Being a spearhead for the vision, the entire company follows the leader and his or her ideas towards the achievement, and maintenance of a healthy organizational culture. For instance, in Boeing Company, leaders have created vision 2016; 'people working together as a global enterprise for aerospace leadership' (Maccoby, 2000)

Another role a company leader should play is the development of strategies. This entails putting in place certain policies that are instrumental in the realization of the organizational vision. Leaders ought to come up with clear strategies and communicate them to the entire system so as to be employed in the operations of the company. These strategies are vital in ensuring that the company's activities are aligned towards the achievement of its goals and objectives. In Boeing, the leadership has developed certain strategies aimed at achieving its vision 2016.

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Moreover, leaders motivate the employees in an organization to work towards the realization of its vision. In Boeing Company, leaders jointly employ both intrinsic and extrinsic motivation on the employees. These include rewards, promotion, recognition and incentives among others. Consequently, the employs get highly motivated to perform effectively towards achieving their set goals and objectives. Every good leader ensures that there is a healthy culture in the company. Motivation is quite essential in the reinforcement of employees' behavior that is required in the company's prosperity (Maccoby, 2000).

In addition, effective leaders enhance motivation among the employees through training. In the same way, they are developing competence among the workers in the organization. Also, they ought to be skilled on how to make workers focused in their work. This, in turn, will keep the workers on track towards the achievement of their set goals and objectives. For instance, leaders in Boeing Company should ensure that all the departments in the company are focused on their respective duties and responsibilities. Lack of focus could result in engaging in the irrelevant paths to the company's operations. Employees can drift to other issues that appeal to them, but are irrelevant in the company. Subsequently, the company performs poorly since inefficient personnel.

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Furthermore, efficient leaders should be capable of stimulating the workers by letting them know about the importance of their job in the company. Workers need to be convinced that their presence and contribution to the company is indispensable. This way, they put more effort in their work since they want the company to hold. As a result, the company prospers in its business, following the workers' dedication in their work (Maccoby, 2000). Boeing Company's leadership, for instance, should boost the workers' drive to work hard towards the creation and maintenance of a healthy culture in the company.

Additionally, excellent leaders select talent among the employees in order to make the company successful in its operations. Effective leaders know the importance of employing individual that have different talents and skills. They have no problem with having competent people like them in the organization since they like challenges. Such leaders find the idea of hiring greater people than them, the biggest achievement. They select talent by employing people according to their competence and capability of working with others in the organization. Boeing's success is determined by this leadership.

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More so, successful companies have leaders who develop trust with their workers. Building trust is highly indispensable for every leader who desires excellence in their organizations. Trust is build when the leaders are true to their words; that is talking and walking with workers in the company (Maccoby, 2000). Unfortunately, it is almost impossible for the leaders to keep their promises to the employees. This is because of the market changes, technological breakthroughs and the competitors' new plans. Nevertheless, transparency and involvement are key ways of maintaining trust among the workers. The Boeing Company leaders should build on this in order to maintain a healthy culture.

Leaders should also be risk takers in order to achieve to achieve the company's vision. Failure to take risks reduces the company's performance in that certain decisions will take long to be made. Also, the leadership will fear implementing certain policies since they are uncertain about them. Nevertheless, risks are indispensable in every organization that seeks to prosper in its business.

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On the other hand, the success of Boeing Company is due to effective management in the organization. Management focuses on planning, organizing, budgeting, controlling, problem solving and results (Maccoby, 2000). Managers are administrators who are involved in making plans, drawing budgets and implementing policies in the organization. To start with, effective managers should be able to plan for the organization. This involves coming up with an outline of the activities that the company needs to undertake towards the achievement of its objectives. Planning is essential in every organization in that it provides a guideline of activities that need to be accomplished within a given duration.

Secondly, budgeting is another crucial role of organizational management. This entails the allocation of funds to certain departments in an organization. Budgeting ensures that company funds are shared equally throughout the organization. It also ensures that there is no embezzlement of organizational funds by some of the managers. Imperatively, managers should ensure that budgeting is carried out in the company so as to maintain its operations. In the process, managers should distribute funds fairly to various departments in order to achieve healthy culture in their organizations. For instance, Boeing managers carry out budgeting annually to ensure the company funds are used appropriately (Maccoby, 2000). They also ensure that the company runs smoothly by equipping it adequately, in terms of human resources and technology.

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Thirdly, it is essential that managers organize their companies well so as to achieve their objectives. This concerns organization of activities, and all the resources involved in the operations of the business. Boeing Company achieves its objectives through the management's role of organizing. This maintains the company's prosperity through the maintenance of a healthy culture in the company. It also plays a role of staffing the organization; that is employing competent personnel in the organization.

Fourthly, the organizational management should be in a position to control all the operations in the company (Maccoby, 2000). Lack of control can result in poor performance of the organization since the workers will lose direction. Control also maintains the efficiency of the workers since they are not free to engage in irrelevant activities. Management control improves the workers focus on the business; hence the achievement of set goals and objectives.

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Lastly, the management is involved in the evaluation of the business performance. This entails finding out if the company is working towards the achievement of its goals. It also evaluates the performance of various departments and employees. All these are aimed at maintaining a healthy culture in the organization. Besides, it facilitates monitoring of the quality of products and services offered by the company (Maccoby, 2000).

Globalization and management has certain effects on the company. First, globalization affects the national heritage and difference in certain countries. This is globalization makes the countries exchange of ideas and cultural values (Clegg, 2006). This also leads to one country compromising its culture in order to work with another country. However, globalization can boost the company's production in that it has clients, customers and suppliers all over the world. For example, Boeing has increased its global market in that it gets most of its revenues from other countries in the world. This, in turn, improves the nation's GDP. Globalization is instrumental in the economic growth of a country in that it involves a lot exchange of ideas and skills from different countries (Clegg, 2006).

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Globalization also improves the quality of business' services through competition. When businesses are conducted worldwide, they tend to raise their standards to meet the international requirements (Clegg, 2006). Consequently, the customers get access to the best services due to the improved quality.

On the other hand, management across the borders has certain effects on culture. For example, language is one of the affected aspects of culture. Different countries have many languages; hence handling business with various countries involves compromising with other languages (Clegg, 2006). This is because a common language has to be used in the business transactions. A manager might experience a serious challenge in understanding the other languages. Consequently, the business will not perform well due to language ineffective communication.











Secondly, political ideologies and philosophical ideas can hinder the prosperity of business across the borders due to affected management. Managers in other countries may be affected by certain political ideas of the countries. Moreover, the existing economic conditions also have a serious impact on the management. Therefore, this leads to poor productivity of a certain business (Clegg, 2006).

There are certain strategies that companies should employ in order to create and maintain a healthy culture in the organization. For example, the Boeing Company should be goal focus in its operations so as to be successful. This implies that their activities should aim at achieving a certain predetermined goal. This will enhance its efficiency; hence achieving its objectives (Clegg, 2006).

Secondly, Boeing should employ innovativeness in their activities. This will ensure that it comes up with certain ideas that will improve its efficiency and the quality of its services and products. This can be achieved through employing innovative personnel, and training them certain skills. Innovativeness boosts the company's productivity in that new ways of handling their operations are introduced in the system (Maccoby, 2000).

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In conclusion, leadership and management are crucial in any organization. For success in creating and maintaining healthy culture in the organization, it is necessary to have clearly defined leadership and management roles in the organization. Globalization and management across borders also has certain effects on a given business.

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