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Code of Conduct

In the discussion of ethics the first factor to mention is that every organization has its code of conduct to adhere to in the delivery of services in the best way possible. The laid out organizational rules help in shaping the interaction among the employees as well as guide the relationship between the employees and the clients. The organization management also finds it easy to succeed since every individual knows what, where and when they are supposed to do. This essay aims to discuss the Code of Ethics for Human Resource Training and Development professionals about the Saint Leo University Core Value of Integrity and the importance of ethical behavior.

Ethical training and development professional in the human resource has the role of imparting desirable conducts to the employees in an organization so as to refrain from causing unwanted outcomes to the customers or fellow employees. According to SLUCC (2016), excellence is an important part of the organization; therefore, the human resource management should also seek for excellence. The idea entails giving skills and knowledge to the employees to become morally responsible and take up leadership positions (SLUCC 2016). It also calls on the trainer to mainstream his/her training outline in a manner that meets the needs for personal development of the individuals.

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The instructors should be mindful of some ethical issues. Firstly, employees should be encouraged to know that the community forms a crucial part of any organization. Therefore, the human resources should involve in public activities that enhance the development of the community. The activities help in developing a bond of trust and cooperation with the larger public sector (SLUCC 2016). Secondly, respect is a part and parcel of any reputable organization that ought to have consideration. The St. Leo University seeks to value talents and the integrity of every individual. Therefore, the same values should apply to the human resource management organization (SLUCC 2016). The development calls upon the trainers to respect their trainees and motivate them in a respectable manner. Thirdly, the coaches should seek to uphold responsible stewardship in carrying out of their mandate, while at the same time helping the trainees to understand the need of being responsible agents in their entrusted roles.

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The legal and liability issues that the trainers should be mindful of is the fact that integrity is a must and their activities ought to confirm to truth and justice. Thus, they have to be well conversant with the labor laws such as Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility and ABA Model Code of Professional Responsibility (Cornerstone, 2016). Conflict of interest may be a source of liability. Also, the trainers should shun away from vices like nepotism, which may lower the credibility of his/her work. The trainers are role models for the trainee staffs and hence should exercise integrity.

There are some instances when the in-house trainers may face different ethical issues from contract teacher (Broadhead & Higbee, 2012). When the in-house trainer is carrying out the training, the workers may see him/her just as one of their fellow employee. The situation may lead to decreased concentration which may result in the dilemma on integrity. The idea is not the case for the contract trainer, who typically shows that their integrity is relatively high.

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Conclusively, every organization has its distinct code of conduct which should emulate values such as St. Leo University core values. Trainers should be aware of ethical issues such as integrity and respect for better delivery of their training. They should also be mindful of the legal and liability issues, as well as understand the labor laws. The in-house trainer should be aware of how he/she handles the employees that appear to be rude.

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