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Healthcare Management

Part I

Lesson 1

A change in the population calls for a change in the service provision structure in the hospital. In our case, the population of young people is increasing, which necessities certain changes in the hospital to ensure that the services required by this population are efficiently provided.

First, the health care financing analysis has to be done to ensure that the financial sustainability will be achieved. The change in population also presupposes the change in services. Youths and the aged patients tend to have different requirements for health care services. As such, the financial budget should ensure that services required by this population are provided efficiently.

Further, the analysis of the hospital facilities and equipment should be done. The necessary equipment and facilities ensure that the patient's safety is given a high priority and eliminate the risk involved. Facilities and equipment should be able to support the needs of the changing population depending on the care and attention required. Ensuring that the hospital has the necessary and adequate health facilities and equipment assists in instilling confidence in people involved, including health workers.

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Lesson 2

First, I would recommend collateral cancer screening services to be enhanced. The state total number of people who underwent cancer screening was 57.2% while the Healthy People 2020 target is 70.5%. To attain this target, there should be an increased collateral cancer screening, especially among the Hispanics who have the least rate of collateral cancer screening.

I would also recommend more services aimed at the prevention and treatment of influenza and pneumonia. According to the statistics provided, only 17.5% of the people turned up. Even though the state has no definite target for healthy people in this category, the state rank is at number 35 out of 50, which is much below the average and this needs attention.

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Lastly, I would recommend an improvement of health insurance coverage services. The number of citizens who have health insurance cover stands at 85% while the state target is 100%. Though this is above average, health insurance cover is vital and almost everybody should be entitled to it.

Lesson 3

I would recommend an increase in in the number of facilities and equipment that are responsible for knee replacement. From the observation, the number of people who need knee replacement is high among the people aged 65 years and over. It means that the facility responsible for knee replacement is likely to be fully occupied and thus needs some expansion to accommodate the rising cases of victims. The expansion will help the institution to increase revenue since more victims will be accommodated.

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Lesson 4

The standard business quality initiative involves a process of including every member of the organization in the effort to improve and ensure the highest quality of work to achieve maximum customer satisfaction and a high level of services while reducing the risk. The accomplishment of the initiatives mainly depends on the support of different stakeholders who are involved in the healthcare, who include government, academic experts, consumers, and research organizations. They lead to a high quality of services offered since there is accountability. They also result in an increased error reduction since the hospital will be able to focus on the potential sources of errors, fix them, and find ways to prevent such errors in the future. The management of the healthcare institution should decide whether to implement such quality initiative depending on the benefits it would bring to the institution in terms of service delivery and quality.

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In my case, I would pay close attention to automated medication dispensing systems as one of the above practices. Automated medication dispensing systems are drug storage devices that electronically dispense medication and track the record. These systems are stocked by either centralized pharmacies at one central point within the institution or decentralized pharmacies in the wards. The systems have a reduced medication errors rate since they are automated. More so, they help to improve record keeping and billing, as there is a track of the activities. Finally, they help to increase efficiency in the service offering.

In our case, automated medication dispensing systems can be implemented at one central point in the wards where the physician's orders will be inserted into the system. The nurse responsible for medication of the particular patient will then be given the password to access medication according to the entered order.

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Part II

The identified course objectives are crucial for hospital administrators. First, it is important for healthcare facility administrators to identify their responsibilities. Doing so, they can play their role in the management to ensure that quality healthcare services are provided since they oversee healthcare activities. Through good management skills, the administrator can inspire and motivate the whole facility personnel, promoting teamwork and conducive environment, which then enhances productivity (Bishka, 2015). By knowing their responsibilities, healthcare administrators will ensure the compliance with local, state, and federal laws and regulations. They will also ensure that employees adhere to the set international standards and policies defining quality healthcare. Finally, it will help them to cope with the changes and determine the flexibility of the whole institution in response to these changes.

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By evaluating different types of facilities and services provided in them, the healthcare administrator can address the current and future needs for any adjustment in the service provision in accordance with changes observed. More so, the administrator can focus on the source of funds to support these services. It is also important to mention that the healthcare administrators can do facility analysis to establish whether there is a need for future expansion or reduction of services in the facility according to the findings of their analysis.

It is important for administrators of any organization to analyze the financial side of their institution (Stefl, 2008). Healthcare administrators are no exception. They should analyze the financial status, including reimbursement methodologies, to prepare the budget. Through this, the administrator can know the financial status of the facility, ensure payment of bills, and ensure that there is financial sustainability to support healthcare operations.

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