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Entrepreneurship: Running a Fast-Food Restaurant Chain Business

Running a fast-food restaurant chain business in a competitive Dubai environment can be challenging as it offers the customers a wide range of services from cooking and sales to servicing the clients. To establish such a business and eventually become successful, individual skills and qualities are needed. First, the company needs to conduct thorough studies to identify the best location, type of food, culture/religious variations, and other factors to make informed decisions. The study seeks to identify the possible sources of innovative ideas, the desirable entrepreneurial skills that can support the business as well as understand and analyze potential challenges and solutions likely to be faced in the course of doing business. The paper will also identify the ways, through which the business can help build trust among the employees.

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Source of Innovation

For a manager, the process need would become an appropriate source of innovation, as it will help the business identify the competitor restaurant's weak spots and derive their ways of correction or measures for redesigning them into strengths. This is a task-driven solution, which means that the source of innovation will be generated from within the existing potentials in the business. The ways of doing business will be guided by the existing business failures’ market studies and not by the products’ absence on the market. The introduction of new knowledge would also be a primary source of innovation more than just a use of technology; it is about devising better ways of doing things and improving the known processes. The business should focus on new knowledge for best start up (Terweisch & Ulrich, 2013).

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Entrepreneurial Skills Needed for Fast Food Restaurant Chain Business

The communication skill is crucial tool in a successful fast-food restaurant business. The employees can efficiently converse both verbally and in script in a language that is understandable to the customers. Additionally, enthusiasm is a great employee requirement in the hospitality and food industry. They should embrace the spirit of self-motivation regarding their job and perform their duties in the finest way possible. They should also have the desire to offer their clients the best service available. Interpersonal skills play a significant role in helping run a successful business. Developing desirable interpersonal relations provides a fantastic customer service. Excellent leadership skills help the business to devise an achievable objective. The employees with strong leadership abilities can facilitate schemes and create substantial influences to an organization's overall success (Oakley, Groen, van der Sidje, & Cook, 2015).

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Possible Challenges and Solutions Employees Are Likely to Face in the Field

Customer Service Challenges

The very first impressions are important to the customers. Poor customer relations break possible deals with the customers. The companies must offer excellent services; otherwise, their customers will turn away. The key to success in every business is the customer's happiness because they may want to come again. To ensure success, the team must be dedicated to the customers’ well-being. Customers should be pleasantly welcomed and warmly accommodated by the employees whenever they visit. The steps, through which customers are handled all the way to the dining experience, have an impact on whether the customer is satisfied or not.

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A Unique Selling Point

Good customer service and an outstanding set menu are vital to the success of the business as well as a selling point. They should be able to meet the expectations of the customers. An original idea for a unique selling point is needed to distinguish it from the competitors. Something that is even better brings in new feel to great food and service (Dumas, Rosa, Mendling, & Reijers, 2013).


The management needs to have the knowledge of how to evaluate the business for it to bring profit. Several small cafeterias experience some challenges when they fail to pay attention to the management functions, the routine process of their business. However, the business can also prepare to face such a challenge in case it fails.

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The Hiring and Training of Staff

A successful restaurant business understands the significance of training its employees. Sometimes, companies employ the wrong workers, and eventually, they have a huge turnover rate. When a strong emphasis is placed on the staff recruitment and training, it reduces operational charges and improves customer service involvement. Attention should be paid to hiring perfect employees. Once employees are hired, appropriate training should be conducted to help them familiarize with the objective and the work environment. Furthermore, the management must make sure the employees are passionate and inspired to achieve the business objectives.

Building Trust and Shared Risk-Taking

To achieve better performance, the team must be dedicated to working towards an agreed objective. Should the team experience personal disconnects, it can become non-functional. These problems might arise from the administrative or management communication failures. Leaders must provide persistent responses to the team members to build confidence and encourage team cohesion. In the event the team faces challenges, a swift notification to the administration should be made for the easier diagnosis of the problem. Additionally, immediate corrective measures must be undertaken to prevent severe performance breakdown. Leading by example is the best way to build trust within a team by leading and showing them that the leader trusts them equally.

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Open communication is necessary for self-reliance team building. There can never be a strong team if communication is absent. The necessity to get everybody in the group speaking to each other in an authentic and eloquent way can be used for several schemes to help build trust and share risks without tying the process up. Additionally, creating a club agreement to delineate the function of the employees as well as each person's role is of utmost importance. It should be presented at the first employee meeting, and each member should be encouraged to ask questions and discuss his or her opinions and expectations, which strengthens team trust as well as individual trust.

Through conducting team-building exercises, the workers acquire confidence. Moreover, such exercises motivate people discuss many issues. Furthermore, teams should meet regularly so that their members could freely discuss their progress as well as problems that they might experience. The time spent together helps generates prospects for the team members to have an honest dialogue as well as help solve problems that might arise (Lussier, Corman, & Kimball, 2014)

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For people working together as a team, there can be honest mistakes or disappointments in the course of work. Sometimes, employees can engage in blaming one another on who caused what. Instead of such blame games that hurt the work productivity, it is wise to encourage every member of the team to think about such happenings in a constructive way. They should ask themselves what can be done to fix the matter and what should be done for the good of the team. The management should consider providing team members with a questionnaire to be filled in anonymity. If there are motives that lead the team to think that there is the lack of trust, asking questions about the level of trust within the team may be helpful. The outcomes may offer a guideline on how to get everyone onboard to discuss the issues.

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To establish a successful business, especially in a competitive environment like in Dubai, the manager and the team of employees are required to have a clearly set objective, a market transforming mindset, and the spirit to actualize it. Some challenges are also expected along the way as the market will be resistant to change. However, as a manager and a leader of a team, leading from the front and becoming the best example to emulate is the perfect way to reduce internal challenges.

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