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The management is responsible of developing the information technology in employees. It is the duty of the management to evaluate the performance of all employees. It is a fact that technology has had an impact on the world, in terms of influencing the growth of modern technology. As technology changes, it has implications on basis of time. These could be on short term basis or long term basis. Many organizations have a well planned career development program. In this program, the aim is to discuss the impact of short term goals and long term goals. An organization does this to assist an employee to achieve goals.(Bardwell 1988).

According to research, personal goals affect an organization performance. A person who has clear personal goals is likely to be part of an organizations success. When planning for overall performance of an organization, the strategies used are helpful to an individual in achieving personal goals. All goals of an organization are achieved by employees who are able to sustain themselves. There are certain aspects that determine an employee performance, these are; attitude, ability, values, perception and motivation. In almost all companies, performance appraisals are inevitable. For instance, in an information and technology company, a subordinate who is interested in long-term organization career advancement, should be well prepared during appraisals.

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In this case an organization is to put a strategy in place that will emphasize on an individual’s values and needs. The skills and abilities of an individual are discussed to improve on an individual performance as well as an organizations performance. In the quest of improving the subordinates’ performance, the organization is to improve the appraisal system. This is to raise the motivation of the employees, as well as enhance the performance. The performance appraisal is to be supported in the organization. The appraisal system will be well communicated in the organization.

The main reason of changing appraisal system is to eliminate the old system that focuses on goals and objectives, rather than the abilities of an employee. In actual sense these abilities are vital in improving duties. The performance appraisal will be an effective tool in identifying the needs of an employee; this could be in skills or abilities. After identifying the needs of the subordinate, training is to be conducted, to ensure improvement of performance. As much as these appraisals are viewed as tools for reward system, they should not associate with an increase of rewards. The appraisal of the subordinate will be conducted with an aim of identifying the skills appropriate to get a managerial position.

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Proper utilization of this develop tool in performance appraisal, will ensure that all employees are highly skilled, and are committed in their work. The subordinate has a long term goal of advancement. For this to happen, an appraisal system to be used should be one that encourages communication between the staff and managers. In organizations where communication is smooth, the employees are committed to their work, satisfied and they experience improved work performance. The change of an appraisal system would mean a lot to the subordinate; it could be fear of low salary, and job security. (Alex L 1999).

The subordinate should be aware of the appraisal before any change is made, this could be through proper training and timely communication. It is also advisable to involve the employees in changing the appraisal. When effecting the change, the line managers are to be supportive in facilitating the change. The subordinate will be assisted to improve performance in the work place, by encouraging interactions across the board. This will be through sporting events, meetings, lunch breaks and tea breaks. Through this interaction the subordinates will be able to bond, put away differences and achieve organizational goals. For the subordinates, a job mission statement will be helpful to improve performance; this illustrates the expectations of every individual’s job. For a subordinate in an IT company, improving technology is a good way to improve performance. For instance, use of integrated software unlike using spreadsheet recording system. This is efficient and therefore improves performance greatly. The subordinate should build rapport with the senior management. Before an appraisal review adequate preparation should be done, the subordinate should be given a chance for self assessment. It is important to communicate to the subordinate on any available feedback.

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A subordinate’s file should be reviewed this will indicate any indiscipline, previous appraisals and job descriptions. A subordinate should be viewed as an individual; all the weaknesses and strengths should be well analyzed. An appraisal should cover the whole cycle. The performance of the subordinate should be discussed with the managers involved. A thorough analysis of performance, should d be done in comparison to the previous appraisal.

The results obtained from the appraisal should be compared to the expected performance. A subordinate should be aware of the goals and objectives expected before an appraisal session. All the training and resources needed should be clearly outlined. The plan should indicate all the projects and assignments to be used. The class work involved should be adequate to develop an individual. All the goals developed should be specific, meaning the subordinate should have a clear mind of what to expect. The goals should be developed in a realistic manner. All the goals should be timely and give a room for stretch. The line manager and the subordinate should set goals that are easy to monitor.(Phillip N 1988).

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