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Spree Cruise Line Passengers

First and foremost, the Chief Corporate Officer Tara Hoopes on behalf of Spree Cruise Line sincerely sends her apologies for interrupting your on board activities to communicate a few issues to enable us to have the traditional blissful cruise. On behalf of the Spree Cruise Line Corporate Communications Office, it is my duty to inform you the true position of The Spree Cruise Line. Our policy is to keep our customers in the know of the true position of the company when issues affecting us arise.

As many of you are aware, there was an earlier false alarm raised by some mechanical fault, causing panic among us. The management of Spree Cruise Line has deemed it fit to communicate the state of things on board and off board. Due to that emergency, following the unforeseen mechanical hitch that has resulted into an incessant rhythmic combustion sound recurring at intervals. We wish to let you know that as a result, the management has gone an extra mile to ensure the entire schedule of this cruise continues as originally planned. However, we take this opportunity to let you know that along the way we might have to change a few things due to unavoidable circumstances.

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As of this moment, the noise has subsided, plus of course you notice the vessel's speed seems to have slowed down, because our crew had to take an immediate action to help us stay afloat. As at now, our renowned Chief Engineer Scotty Ferguson has advised us to take precaution to avoid causing irreparable damages to the main engine. Our lead Captain Galati is doing all he can to ensure we sail peacefully, reassuring us the vessel is still on course and is fully prepared to face the possible storm. On the other hand, the Cruise Director Ned and I have decided to contact our headquarters, and from the look of things all systems are running perfectly, and wish to announce our efficient staff aboard and off board is doing all we can to update communication with the hotels, parks, airlines that were booked to coincide with our departures and arrivals at various places to make our cruise better. All in all, to ensure a smooth sail our crew has decided to completely shut down a back up engine.

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Prior to that action, we have discovered that our vessel's Propulsion Unit (PU) that runs the left engine propulsion was strained and would no longer hold up, if we continued running the two engines at a go. As a result, our speed has now been halved and we are now running at 10 knots, having declined from the popular 20 knots. We advise you to remain calm and remember we are safe from the storm predicted earlier, and in case the storm appears, we will boot the said engine to enable us to sail at 20 knots to beat the storm. I am pleased to inform you that all other systems are frequently serviced and in perfect condition; and kindly request you to overlook the bumping sounds, because they will disappear.

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Our vessel is excellent and the situation is well taken care of, and I guarantee you we are doing all we can to make up for the delay caused by the speed decline we are experiencing. We regret that we have to reschedule our program. Arrivals at Cozumel will be delayed for about 71/2 hours and instead of arriving at 9.30am we are likely to dock at 4.00pm. However, we reassure you we are doing all we can to match up our usual Fridays' docking hours at New Orleans by considering to move departures from Cozumel to 2.00 A.M., because that way we will have sailed straight to our destination avoiding stopovers at some destinations, such as Cancun.

The good thing is all the booked Cozumel excursions will not be affected adversely, because there will be no cancellations unless individuals decide otherwise. You are advised to reschedule some of the booked excursions to a later date if non refundable or opt for the various deductable rates for emergency refunds upon cancellations. As Spree Cruise we take this opportunity to offer our sincere apologies for all the holiday inconveniences caused bearing in mind this is a high tourist season and regret those of you who had preplanned to meet family and friends in Cancun will miss the opportunity.

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Fortunately, along with the apologies I am glad to inform you that in future bookings we will guarantee you unbelievable bonuses and discounts, and all our guests aboard will be accorded their right inclusive of a 30% deductable refund for the guests planning to disembark from this Cruise at Cozumel as our policy states, which you can read at the back of your beautiful tickets. As at now we have set up a cubicle in the Captain's Palace, where we are restoring sanity by returning all the voicemail messages sent to you by your loved ones, and we will allow each one of you to call or video conference your families and friends in turn, because the storm seems to have affected your mobile phone reception.

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It is with gladness that we also inform you that all the cancellations have been done and at no extra cost towards your accounts because The Spree Cruise Line has effectively negotiated with the hotels, beaches, parks and all entities. I hope you are glad we are now back to normalcy, and will fully enjoy the rest of the cruise without interruptions, and we guarantee you that the return cruise will be on time, because we have scheduled Spree Cruiser our first vessel to take us back for those willing to embark on further excursions.

We are glad our medics also were able to handle the few cases of panic and glad that all our passengers are fully guaranteed of their safety and wish each one of you has a heavenly cruise for the remainder part of the journey.

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