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Recruitment and Selection

The paper will into the process of recruitment and selection of the applicant to fill in the position of Senior Advisor Customer Relations at the Tablelands Regional Council. The issues that will reviewed include the methods that will be employed in recruitment and selection that will entail preparing for the same by determining the job description, remuneration and any other changes needed. This will be followed by the recruitment criteria to be sued and finally the selection process that will be used through interviewing to arrive at the candidate. Besides this, the legal and ethical considerations will also be looked into.


The recruitment and selection process to be created in involves the Tablelands Regional Council who wants to recruit a Senior Advisor Customer Relations that will be under the department of Corporate and Community affairs. This successful applicant who be selected for the position will be in either the Atherton or Mareeba areas. The department of Customer and Community Services is responsible for the enrichment of community through the customer relations, development, library, grants, and tourism besides other event purposes. The position to be filled is hence responsible with the task of coordinating all this activities and ensuring all goes about smoothly. The recruitment strategy employed will be responsible in ensuring that the organization will produce an employee who will give the required level of quality services.

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Recruitment Strategy

The first part of the whole process will entail the process of carrying out a job analysis and evaluation. This will assist in selection of the candidates who are best suited in terms of individual aspects for the job that is being put up on for advertisement. This will help in the calculation of the relative worth that is desired for the position.  After doing this the next step will involve the assessment of the qualification profiles that will be adhered to in the short listing of the qualified applicants. This will be done with the help of the job description that will further clarify on the responsibilities that go along with the required skills, abilities, knowledge and experience.  Besides this the organization will have to look into the financial point of view in which it has to have the ability and muscle in resources to cater for the salary of the vacancy that is to be filled. This will have to be done in relation to the time period that the process position will last including any other additional benefits that come along with the position.

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Senior Advisory Customer Relations


The candidates who will be chosen for the position must possess the following skills. The candidate needs to have exceptional skills in the verbal and written communication methods and should also have the ability to organize and communicate information clearly so as to allow a variety of contact situations involving the customers. In addition, the candidate should demonstrate the skills that are needed in processing analysis practices so as to enable him/her to analyse and come up with solutions that are in contention with the business design and professional at the same time.

In order for the recruitment process to be effective an effective process has to be designed that will encompass the following details. Among the issues that will need to be table includes the policies that are put down during the recruitment to ensure that the organization will have the ability to recruit and retain all the staff members that are brought in to avoid the exercise being done frequently. In addition the needs assessment will be done in order to forecast the future needs in the human resource management and the current ones. By doing this it will assist in the setting of priorities that will be required in this position that needs to be filled up in the organization or specific department.

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Essential Qualifications

According to the TRC (2011, p.1), the Candidates must have a Certificate IV in Business Administration as a minimal requirement to qualify for this position along with Workplace Training or Call Centre Administration with an ability to demonstrate the core skills that are needed to achieve the required level of competency.

There are other essential qualifications and skills that can be an added advantage like additional qualifications in the Local Government or Management would be highly regarded. Besides this, experience in Customer Service Centre may also be required along with leadership and involvement in coaching positions.  The candidates should also be experienced in culture change and have the ability to contribute significantly towards leading and directing a change in the management program that is relevant in the work area. The candidate also needs to have the ability to build strong relationships with a host of clients including those who are persistent to change and this will only be achieved if they have a passion for improving the service quality.

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Once the stated issues have been solved and conclusive solutions created the next step will involve the process of trying to ascertain the potentials in human resource be it in the organization or outside that will be qualified to fill the vacancy. This will be done by comprehensive review of the curriculum vitas of those candidates that will apply for the position. Furthermore proper guidelines will have to be out in place to ensure that the process of recruitment that will be carried out is done in a method that will guarantee equity in all aspects and adherence to equal opportunity that is in line with the relevant laws. It is important to note that all these requirements that will be used in the process of recruiting will have to be documented and must be according to the policies that have been set up in the organization.

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Knowledge and Experience of Required Candidates

According to Arthur, the candidates who will be applying for the position must ensure that they have sufficient knowledge in the following areas:

  • Have a wide knowledge of customer contact systems and technologies
  • Strong knowledge of problem solving methods that is effective in service data defects and the process that is used in the re-engineering methods.
  • Have adequate knowledge on market research techniques especially in in-depth interviewing along with phone surveys.
  • Knowledge on leadership, coaching, and learning techniques in adult learning.
  • Have experience that will be demonstrated in Service Strategy development and improvement of services.
  • Have several years in experience in negotiation and solving of problems that involve service delivery process.

Methods of Recruitment to be employed

Posting Vacancies

Taylor (2002 p.123) states that this will involve the process of publishing an open job to employees using a bulletin or other form of communication in which all the required attributes will be indicated and qualified personnel will be encouraged to apply. Among the details that will be indicated will include the criteria for knowledge, experience, qualification and skills of the ideal candidate. By publishing the information, all the interested persons both in the organization and outside will be given the opportunity to apply in order to fill in the vacancy.

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However before the posting is done the management in the human resource will have to review if there are changes that will be made to the position in terms of responsibilities, title, status or remuneration. Other factors that may be changed may include the level of experience that is needed, besides this the number of qualified personnel within the organization will also have to be looked into and the benefits the organization may have in the long term from either recruiting internally or externally. Also in consideration if there is a relevant and qualified human resource that will partake in the exercise of recruitment.

Recruiting From External Sources

 According Keeling, this can be classified into two groups and will include formal and informal recruitment. In the formal recruitment it will involve the action of recruitment by the use of extensive search in the job market and this will be done by use of advertisements on media journals, employment agencies and college recruitment. In doing this it will result in reaching out to a wide market that will in turn translate to a larger number of potential candidates. Despite this, the process can be very costly and will consume a huge amount of time due to the review process of the various applications that will be received.

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The informal recruitment will involve a smaller market in which the management will choose from former employees and walk-in applicants therefore significantly lowering the market reach. Due to this the organization will use the resumes that they will already be having in file to select the candidate to be chosen. Others who may be sued include former students who already been on internship. The process is relatively inexpensive as it can be cheaply and easily processed.

During the posting for the position to the wider market it will be important that all the details that are posted. Among the issues that should not be indicated in the postings will include the race, colour, ancestry, religion, sex, age, sexual orientation, family status, physical and sex. Besides this when it comes to those who have qualified for the interview there are a few issues that will be addressed during the session like the questions that are asked. For example one should not be asked questions that do not affect the position being offered like the family size. In addition, references that are given in the resumes need to be reviewed and authenticated to ensure that the information that has been given is not false.  In addition when the offer that is being made to the selected candidate the remuneration package should not be varying especially depending on the sex as this will be criminal hence a consistent remuneration package should be offered.

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Selection from a pool of candidates

According to Pritchard, in the case where the organization has already established the required pool of applicants from which they will select the required one, the best approach in this case will involve the use of  an interviewing process in order to determine the better option among the pool.


The process of interviewing is all aimed at getting the person who is best suited for the position that has been put up on for filling up. In most cases the process will take place from a specific group of applicants or pool all of whom have the basic requirements for the position but due to only of them is required they are interviewed to determine other personal attributes that will make one or the other more suitable than the rest.











The process will require an initial preparation for the interviews and it will include the use for measurable criteria that will be used in the whole process and in every interviewee. This will include a list of all the requirements per candidate along with the job and its responsibilities. In addition, the will be preparation of standardized questions to be used in analyzing the candidates skills, capabilities and past work performances. During the interview, pertinent information will be collected. In the end the candidate who has the best qualifications and scored well in the interview will be given the position considering other attributes.


The process of trying to recruit a suitable candidate for a position will involve many steps. This is because before the position is put up to be filled the process to be used in recruitment will have to consider and this will include the type the qualifications and skills that will accompany the position. Besides this, the applicant will have to be aware of the responsibilities required of them. In this case, the position was that of a Senior Advisor Customer Relations at the Tablelands Regional Council. Before the appropriate candidate is selected the qualified pool of candidates will undergo the process to select the best suited.

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