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Federal Censorship and Minorities in Congress

            Under the Constitution, it has been established many a times that everyone has the right to freely utter whatever they want and to express their thoughts and emotions provided that they are not in violation of any law. The coverage of this freedom is not confined in the newspapers, television and radio but traverse into the Internet. It can be seen that with the emerging technology everything is now possible in the Internet. News shows and movies are all present in the Internet. It has now been controlling the world (Garcia, 2008). A person no longer needs to write in a diary made of notebook the everyday undertaking of life but simply type in blogs and the information is made available in the Internet for the whole world to see. But then again, there are instances wherein people are just telling and doing everything they want in via the Internet without regard if they have violated some laws or not. There are many websites that are abusing their freedom that resulted to violation of anti-pornography laws. Hence, this is a matter wherein federal laws and regulations be imposed. Anyway, there is no one above the law and that there is no absolute freedom when the safety of the general welfare is concerned (Rossiter, 2006).

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Minorities in Congress

            In aid of legislation, the Congress takes into consideration the entire situation and the scenario that confronts the house. The minorities that are in the Congress do affect the Congress in legislating laws. It must be understood that the minorities in the Congress represents the minorities in the society. They are in the house to air their side, sentiments and other issues that surrounds them (Mohanty, 1997). Hence, the minority representatives seated in the house make sure that laws will be made to answer and solve the problems that confront the marginalized people they represent. They will pass bills and other ordinances that will uplift the lives of the minorities that are being left behind by the progression of the society (Malanga, 2005).

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