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Application Architecture and Modeling

Automatic accounting updates

The materials processing using integrated wireless devices. This system will be applied in all the entities and the joint venture where it is hoped that it will give the company a competitive advantage over the other competing companies improving its management aspect.

The project will be undertaken to develop a system which increases the efficiency of the inventory management in all the plants of the company that is Riordan manufacturers. Increasing efficiency in the inventory management is the general objective. The specific objectives include accurately tracking and managing raw materials and finished goods, reduction of the cost of inventory of the raw materials as well as finished goods and finally the improvement of the MRP infrastructure. The main constraint is the budget which has been allocated towards the project, which according to the board of directors should not be exceeded. The main assumption is that the new system will be able to reduce the cost of managing inventory by at least forty percent. The sponsors of the project will be the main company.

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The project is organized in such a way that the development and implementation will begin from the main plants, to those ones that are major and finally the upcoming plants. The project manager shall be Geoffrey information system consultants whereby he will engage his staff. The available budget is $ 150,000 which is for the whole project. There shall be communication between the company and the system developers through meetings with the information technology in charge of the plants and the in charge of the consultancy company. The documents of the project shall be accessible to the top management of every plant and the IT in charge of each of those companies. The project will be evaluated at the six months and one year respectively to ensure that the objectives had been met. And any assistance which may be required by the expert developers shall be provided.

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Resource loading process

This is the description of the amounts of the individual resources which are required over specific time periods by an existing schedule. Here the loads of the various resource types are enlisted to represent the time periods. This process is very important as they provide a general understanding of the demands of the project. Thus it becomes a primary input of the project budget as well as its schedule this is because it is the project action plan is the source of durations, precedence and resource requirements. Thus the action plans is able to link the schedule directly to the demands of a specific nature of the resources. The CPM network technique is modified for the purpose of generating the time phased resource requirements.

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The project is according to the feasibility studies carried out is likely to improve the efficiency of the company by reducing the cost of inventory and its management related activities by at least forty percent. This is a very significant change considering the implications, this implication will relate to completion and the cost of production and the total revenue as well as the profit margin of the company. It is likely to take a lead as concerns to competition because it will be able to carry out manufacturing activities at a lower cost of inventory thus by reducing the price at which it sells its products will not affect its profit and total profitability negatively but rather it will lea to increase in the market share hence increase in the total revenue as well as the total profit.

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