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Marriage between a Man and a Woman

While same sex marriages have been opposed as morally unacceptable, the proponents cite that same sex marriage is an expression of one’s individual right. Many studies have been consolidated to provide reasonable grounds for justifying same sex marriages. Nancy Polikoff argues that same sex marriages do not dismantle the legislative structure of gender in the institution of marriage (Polikoff, 1993). She further highlights that same sex marriage can be likened to an extension of civil rights to the minority group in the society.

In her article, Cooper (2006) outlines that marriage should be an individual’s right. One can choose either to get married or not. In other words, condemning such individuals is a total violation of human rights. She asserts that denying same sex marriages can be equated to the discrimination against minority (Cooper, 2006). Other studies argue that same sex marriages are avenues to curb the population pressure on the scarce economic resources. This is because parties of the same gender cannot produce a viable offspring unless biological methods are employed. Such an idea can be the best applied in underdeveloped countries in curbing overpopulation. Allowing such marriages tends to eradicate the discrimination that has been evident in the world (Bonauto, 2007).

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Polikoff (1993) disagrees with the notion that same sex marriages erode moral and family values. According to her, the opposite is true. As a matter of fact, she says that homosexuality and lesbianism help individuals to avoid highly risky sexual behaviors. The major problem with sexuality in the current society can be attributed to careless and frolicsome lifestyles such as frequent sex with many partners (Polikoff, 1993). Therefore, marriage, whether heterogeneous or gay, helps individuals to settle down. This is because marriages make people live with one partner and teach to build a strong family. Is this not the desire of every society? (Cooper, 2006)

Citing the evident imbalances in gender, Culhane (1999) argues that same sex marriages reduce the gender imbalances, polygamy and polyandry. Women can marry other women as well as men can marry other men. It reduces the rate of dependence on men by women and vice versa, and the chances of spreading of sexually transmitted infections (Culhane, 1999).

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Love, and not gender, is the strong bond that binds individuals in marriage. As a matter of fact, same sex marriage does no harm to the society or any individual, since marriage is a relationship between two consented people. Actually, such a relationship cannot affect other individuals or society in any way. In some cases, same sex marriages are the only chance for many people to create a real family. It reduces the chances of being unmarried in the society as well as frivolous lifestyles.

It is so alarming that six states in the US have legalized same sex marriages. However, in California, the passage of proposition 8 only supports marriages that occur between a man and a woman and not same sex marriages. These supporters of same sex marriage argue on the basis of equality. They argue that the principle equality should be applied to homosexuals and lesbians as it is to any other individual. In other words, condemning such individuals is a total violation of human rights. In legal aspects, gay couples have basic civil rights that should be respected by all. The gay couple, family, children, and the community equally benefit from gay marriages.

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However, the moral aspect of same sex marriage is still a controversial subject. As for me, I strongly believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman. This is mainly because our God, the creator, disapproves same sex marriages. In other words, gay marriage only undermines the institution of marriage.

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