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Principals of Nonviolence

Mahatma Gandhi applied his non-violent skills on behalf of his fellow nationals in India and South Africa, but he did not conceptualize it only as an arm in the arsenal of Indian patriotism. Gandhi’s principals of non-violence influenced the likes of Martin Luther and Cesar E. Chavez. Gandhi, Luther, and Chavez consented that nonviolence is the basis in developing a culture of peace. Albeit expressed differently, the principles of nonviolence are being taught today. In today’s understanding, the basic values of nonviolence are respect for life, esteem for all humanity, and the pursuit of justice, all of which reveal fundamental values from the world’s primary spiritual customs (Nanda, n.d).

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According to Cesar E. Chavez, recognition of all people is an essential factor for success in coordinating various forces to attain social transformation, create community, and realize that democracy is the espousal of all people (Acosta & Ramos, 2007). This principal of nonviolence is taught as an utterly indispensable requirement to the welfare of any country. Nonviolence entails making out love as the supremacy of the human spirit to prevail over unfairness, inequity, distress. Having love is a true hero’s expedition of personal-social transformation.

Nonviolence also means realizing that human lives are related, and that whatever an individual does affects the lives of the people he or she interacts with. In other words, by the principal of nonviolence, we are accountable to and for each other. This implies that we have to trust each other and work together toward mutual goodness. Another principal of violence taught today is that nonviolence entails honoring the underlying value of every individual; people naturally pursue the understanding of one another, and build friendly relationships and a community. In other words, people need to fight against injustice, not other people (Galtung, 1989).

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