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Men and Womens Parenting Style

Every parent is understandably interested in knowing what particular parenting system actually works and how it actually affects the children directly. Believably, it could be noticed that along with this particular fact is the idea that parents are obviously concerned as to how their approach to discipline and guidance to their children would actually affect their children even beyond their younger years. In the paper that follows, an understanding on how parenting actually makes a great impact on every child’s growth shall be discussed through an implicative interview that is conducted by the researcher of this particular study.

The psychologist interviewed is an experienced professional who had been handling both marriage and family counseling programs for about ten years already. Through the years of professional practice, she admits that she had been able to deal with several unique and common situations among parents and their children. As the researcher noted her about the upcoming interview, she duly reacts with glee and much interest as she says that it would be her pleasure to share what she has learned from serving the families that she has assisted with their dilemmas through the years. The following paragraphs shall be a presentation of the basic summary that has been garnered by the researcher from the interview. It could be noted that through the division of the summary, the researcher aims to show the readers the most important and the top results of the interview which could be applied towards the actual situations of parents at present.

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The Changes of the Youth through the Years

Through an informative observation, the psychologist asked in the interview attest to the fact that people change every now and then, and this truth goes well with the fact that youngsters too change in terms of the generations that they belong to. She mentions that back then, children were much easier to handle as they were more manageable and much easier to guide. Through the years though, as liberalization enters the scene of the human society’s development, the young ones also begin to change. Apparently, it has been observed that the environment that they are living in or the place where they were brought up in affects their growth directly. As for example, a young one raised with everything around her usually tends to search for more, while a young one taught to live with what they have because it’s the only thing they could have grows up to be somehow content with what they are able to possess.

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The question then is, how do parents mold their children to become the individuals that they want them to be? Is there are difference among men and women taking care of their children and how do these differences affect the growth of the younger generation?

The Difference between Male and Female Parenthood

As asked, the interviewee notes the fact that male and female parenthood differs so much from each other but somehow creates a balancing effect on the growth of the children. As parents, the interviewee says that each parent takes one side while the other takes another. If someone is strict, the other one is lenient. It happens to be just as so that as one takes the other position, the other tends to take the responsibility of standing as the other side of parent for their children. It is though considered that most often than not, men are more strict in comparison with women especially when the issues begin to tackle the different facts behind decision making, discipline and punishment and other situations as such. On the other end, women tend to be more on the emotional side making them more susceptible to chances of denying punishment whenever they see something much better to resort to.

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This fact though tends to differ on the fact the every parent comes from different sorts of upbringing. Undeniably, the idea is that the parents imply on their children what they have learned through time, through the discipline they gain from their parents, through their experiences in life and through their own perception on discipline and personal development. Yes, the psychologist admits that there is no such thing as perfect parenting. As no parent is perfect and no child is the same, parenting would always remain to be a ground of challenge and learning for parents to take as they give birth to children and guide them through their lives.

No, it does not matter if the parent is woman or a man, what matters is the genuine love that they have for the child and the willingness they have to spend time with their young one[s] to be able to guide them well towards a more productive, more improved future as it awaits them. It is based on love and personal concern on making the child a better person that parenting success is expected. No one is perfect and no parenting is perfect, this is the main idea that the interviewee wants to send. All that she wants to encourage is the fact that there is a certain factor that controls the situation of parenting, and that is genuine love for the children and the concern every parent has for the young ones’ future.

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