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American Government

Civilization has come with the need of establishing governments that had a responsibility of imposing authority in different sectors. In order to maintain a stable environment, the authority of any state has to ensure that its citizens’ needs are addressed while maintaining their safety and protecting the state’s resources. Around the world, countries have different forms of government, for example, democratic, aristocratic or monarchical. Various authorities apply different rules to govern their nations. However, the democratic government is the most common form of control while the monarchical one is used in the states where the power of the country is hereditary. This essay intends to explore various issues associated with the Constitution of the United States. The problems captured are; the Civil Liberties under the First Amendment, freedom of religion, and the new wave of religious fundamentalism, fundamental freedoms, as well as the Occupy Wall Street and the Freedom of Association.

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The United States has a democratic form of government that needs to follow the Constitution of the country. The authority does not only protect American citizens but also has a responsibility of providing economic, social and public services to them. The government of the United States is structured into several levels with the president is the highest rate of authority. There are state and local bodies which have their duty of providing services to the state. Meanwhile they are ensuring that there are stable operating systems. Every government elected by its citizens into power should guarantee that it addresses the demanding needs of the country. For example, it should ensure that there is a good education system, well-built infrastructures, and the provision of a proper health care system.

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First Amendment Freedoms

Every citizen in America is entitled to basic civil liberties. These freedoms protected under the first amendment are the freedom of religion, speech, and press. These liberties as well involve the right to peaceful assembly. The freedom of religion establishes a boundary that prevents the government from creating an official church making it and the state as the separate entities. It consists of two clauses. The establishment clause addresses the connection between the government and the church. Meanwhile the second one is a free exercise that allows people to worship as they wish. The freedom to religion grants individuals the liberty to practice their own religious beliefs. The courts have a responsibility of protecting this authority from laws that are not considered neutral to this faith and beliefs. Everyone has the freedom of speech which grants every individual the right to express what the person wants to say with no fear that the government will interfere or constrain this.

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Balancing Fundamental Freedoms

The government is only to interfere with the individual’s right of speech if there is any valid and justifiable reason for this action. The freedom of expression also includes the liberty of assembly that is determined for peaceful or lawful purposes. The government also has its authority to refuse gathering people that are supposed to engage and involved in unlawful and illegal activities. It occurs with an aim of ensuring that the national security is prioritized. Fundamental rights are necessary in establishing legal order in any country while guaranteeing that justice is maintained. The government has to maintain the balance of how far the individual's freedom extends before it interferes with public safety and when the government should step in.

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Religion Extremism and Fundamentalism

It is a constitutional right to practice your religion. There are different beliefs in the world today, for example, Christianity, Muslim, Buddhism, and even Hindu. Everyone is entitled to practice the own faith and religion as these are their right. However, over the recent years, terrorism has been highly associated with religious extremism and fundamentalism. Fundamentalism is an individual approach to religion. Such people have unwavering faith to a certain religious system and going ahead to impose the belief not only on themselves but also on others. Multiple terrorist attacks have been committed by individuals of certain religious groups who are its followers. For example, recent events in Paris and Brussels have been accomplished by Islamic extremists. The attacks have been geographically dispersed with religious fundamentalists pushing for changes in national and global politics to be centered on a certain belief. Religious terrorists are said to be the most dangerous individuals due to their mindset between religion and violence. Many of them believe that self-sacrifice made on behalf of their faith empowers them while executing their religious responsibility. Globalization and ease in migration from one country to another have created a society with multiculturalism in which people end up adopting foreign cultures and beliefs. It results in a less certainty in some religious ideas. In many cases, those people who do not have any defined religious background finish adopting other beliefs in which they could be radicalized into. The radicalization of young people has contributed to the extremism of faith. It brings into question the freedom of religion.

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Extremism and religious radicalization continue to affect the whole world. The consequences of religious fundamentalism and radicalization are being devastating to any nation. They do not only affect the country’s social environment but also its economic development. Terrorist attacks chase away investors while destroying infrastructure and the economic system in place. Presently, the Islamic State’s (IS) terrorist group in Syria and the Middle East has contributed to an increase in refugees in Europe escaping from their states. Such individuals are moving into the countries that they consider more livable. It has not only affected the development of Syria. This process has also influenced the economic stability of neighboring nations. Therefore, refugees are escaping, for example, to Germany. Governments around the world, therefore, have to be on the forefront in ensuring that no one abuses their freedom of religion by radicalizing their followers through teachings. It will ensure that no one is forced to practice the faith they do not believe in while also protecting the country’s security

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Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Freedom of Association

Freedom of association also known as the freedom of assembly is the right to come together with the aim of expressing, promoting, pursuing or defending common interests. This liberty is protected by the Constitution under the First Amendment. Freedom of association allows an individual to join any union the person would like and carry out peaceful demonstrations. Freedom of assembly has been a basis of the creation of the democratic government in the United States. Over the years, not only in this country, but also around the world, people have gathered to express their grievances. They have been practicing their right of assembly when bringing to light some issues they feel to affect them. For example, Martin Luther King was at the very beginning in encouraging the African Americans to fight for their rights with their freedom of assembly. He made a historical step in addressing racial discrimination in the country.

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Occupy Wall Street is a union in which citizens join to express their right. As the aim of this movement is unclear, it is a clear illustration of strength that assembly has. Therefore, it can be expressed without a need for verbal communication. Some members of the movement have been arrested by the police with many complaining of the following fact. They are being unfairly and unjustly treated. The court has ruled these demonstrations as illegal since they are not peaceful as they ought to be. They end up disturbing public peace and disrespecting public safety. The demonstrators of the movement have had to be chased out of parks even late at night. The reason is that they are not following the rules set in place for freedom of assembly. It can be argued as an infringement of their liberties since they have this right. To tackle this issue, the local government has come up with new regulations, for example, restrictive curfews used to disperse the demonstrators from their camping sites. If these protestors follow the regulations and organize peaceful demonstrations then there will be no need for them to clash with the government.

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The importance of having the functional government cannot be understated. Proper governance of country’s resources leads to the development of the state. The United States has a democratic government obliged to follow its Constitution. There are several issues associated with the main law and these are; the Civic Liberties under the First Amendment, freedom of religion, and the new wave of religious fundamentalism, some other fundamental freedoms, as well as the Occupy Wall Street, and the Freedom of Association. The First Amendment states that every Citizen has the liberty for religion and expression. If by any chance these rights are infringed, the government should place the corrective measures as these are constitutional rights. The Fundamental freedoms call upon the government to only allow the interference of these liberties if the safety of the country is in jeopardy. Terrorism is increasingly becoming a challenge to the adherence of rights. The Occupy Wall Street is an example of movement that encourages people to make their voices sound loud.

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