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Being a Palauan by Homer Barnett

According to Barnett , recent studies demonstrate Palauans may have come from China or Indonesia, answering the islands as early as 2500 B.C.E. Otherwise, the Palauan population remain an enigma to bulk of the world. Cemeteries bombarded on the ...

Mills v. J.E. Culp Transport

This Canadian decision is in regard to the complaint dated 21st July 2006 by David Mills, as a Complainant, against J.E. Culp Transport Limited, as a respondent, claiming that he was discriminated by the respondent for failing to offer a working ...

Process Evaluation Measure

Process evaluation measure refers to a mechanism which is used for assessing the delivery levels of a program. A process evaluation may be simple to determine levels of implementation or comprehensive and systematic to evaluate all major components ...

Should Gays Be Allowed to Become Priests

Part I: Gay priests have their place within the church Gay priests have been around for many years. Yet, the topic of homosexuals in clergy is a considerably recent phenomenon. It became a hotly debated issue after the 2001 scandal when Catholic ...

The American Dream

Sustainability can be defined as the maintenance of a balance or equilibrium in a given state, process or system. However, it can be understood as the process wherein even if a particular system is experiencing development it must go on with the ...

The Changing World of Benefits

The world of work has changed over the years. Changes in technology, skill requirements, overseas employment, immigration and globalization have also changed the nature and type of benefits and compensation given to employees. Employee benefits have ... Testimonials

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