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The American Dream

Sustainability can be defined as the maintenance of a balance or equilibrium in a given state, process or system. However, it can be understood as the process wherein even if a particular system is experiencing development it must go on with the experience but must not compromise anything that has something to do with the future. For example, if the present society is able to meet its needs the means and ways it is being achieved must not deteriorate the ability of the next generation to provide for its own needs as well. Part of the sustainability among humans is the achievement of a better life which can be incorporated with the American Dream.

The first claim is that the American dream is and has been, for decades if not centuries, a central ideology of Americans. By the American dream, this does not mean to be merely the right to get rich, but rather the promise that all Americans have a reasonable chance to achieve success as they define it, material or otherwise, through their own efforts, and to attain virtue and fulfillment through success. As an ideology it is a brilliant construction; as a guide for practice, its defects may match or even outweigh its virtues. Not all Americans share it. Certain categories of Americans have always shared it less than others; at certain periods of our history its preeminence has waxed or waned; its definition has varied, as have its competitors. But since the era of Andrew Jackson, the American dream has been a defining characteristic of American culture, aspirations, and ostensibly, at least institutions, against which all competitors must contend. The American Dream to simply put is the greener pasture where everyone enjoys life without being hindered with economic problems and deficiency (Alba, 1990).

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Most of the Americans were able to find their own American Dream by means of living in Suburbia. For them it has become a place where the basic foundation of governance that has is comprised of the idealism that a just and humane society must be formed. It must be understood that the State should promote a just and dynamic social order. This is accomplished through policies that provide adequate social services. Every society must ensure the prosperity and independence of the nation and free the people from poverty. Hence, it means all people not just the aristocratic few. The goal is to reduce the political and economic power of the privileged few by equalizing widely differing standards and opportunities for advancement and to raise the masses of the people from their poverty to a qualitative life worthy of human dignity. With the eradication of mass poverty being experienced of a nation, the State solves at the same time a chain of social problems that comes with it; social unrest, breakdown of family systems, diseases, ignorance, criminality, and low productivity (Adler, 1990). In the fulfillment of this duty, the State must give preferential attention to the welfare of the less fortunate members of the community the poor, the underprivileged and those who have less in life for the benefit of the whole nation.

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For those living in Suburbia, it has become a nation for them that will allow each resident to recover economically, attain social peace and political stability even in the midst of poverty or of recession. The fulfillment of the American Dream for them is being able to work and enjoy every salary being attained and to actually enjoy their lives riding in their own cars. The basic idea of the American dream as presented by living in the Suburbs is being able to enjoy what life has to offer and to achieve all their dreams and ambitions. Sometimes, the society one is living creates a big impact in the lives of the people.

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