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Media Violence and Aggression

The strength of the ties between the media violence and aggression has always been a point of contention. This relationship has over the years been covered by the media. However, all that the coverage has done is leave the public confused by the arguments put forth by the media. From the claims of a weak link, to a moderate one, and now back to a weak link, the media does not provide a clear stand in their reports. As a result, scientific research had to be put into this argument to drive the facts home. This was argued out by Brad Bushman and Craig Anderson (Bushman & Anderson, 2001).

Scientifically, if you smoke, it is not a guarantee that you will get cancer. People who have smoked before in their lives do suffer from cancer too. This is in defense of the idea that those who watch broadcasts containing violence tend to become antagonistic to others. Clearly, not all who are violent can blame it on the media. Another argument is put forth about when one is exposed to a cigarette for the first time. The immediate effect is always nausea tic, but over time this feeling goes away. In fact the person will crave for more cigarettes. Similarly, when viewing a filming that contains acts of violence for the first time, it is normal to be frightened. But watching this over and over makes one get used to it, and even develop a liking (Bushman & Anderson, 2001).

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There was the argument that watching a single violent movie or two will cause one to get hostile thoughts or feelings. When considering the short term effects of smoking, this argument is very rhetoric. This is a similar circumstance to the short-term effects caused by smoking. They disappear so quickly from one's body in less than an hour. However, the long-term effects of an individual who is used to watching violent media are same as those of an addicted smoker. Over time, the chances of that person adapting a violent persona are very high.

The filming and reporting industry has never given in to the accusations against it. They continue to deny the blame for the aggressive behavior in the public caused by the content that is aired to the public. The link between the media violence and aggression in the public is still a moderate one to many.

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