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Neuropsychological: Perception

Attention is interfered with when an individual is uncontrollably drawn to some other activity or sensation that is not part of the business. It is a result of distraction by noise, sound, personal feelings, light or any other form of passion that can draw one’s concern. Little or no attention leads one to losing a lot during the period in question. For instance, a child whose attention is drawn from the classroom by feelings will think out of the box and will end up losing the whole lesson or not completing an assignment in time. This leads to the obscurity in catching up with the current information trends.

To solve the problems with limited attention, I work out various strategies. First of all is choosing the activities of my interest and will have no other option but to attend them. In doing so, I find myself being attentive for the greatest part of the sessions. Interest is one major problem that when controlled can help reduce many problems that arise. Secondly, I maintain eye contact with the person or theme of concern. Controlling what the eye sees is just enough to give an outstanding solution for one with attention problems. The third strategy is controlling my moods and my personal feelings. This contributes to the largest portion of the problem. The attributes that one gives to the environment in question matters a lot. Having a negative attitude against the lecture for instance makes one feel negative in all that the lecturer delivers. Next is on controlling the body posture. The sitting position can control the level of attention. One who finds the session useful should be able to sit upright for the whole time and make the best out of it. The body posture is connected to the nervous system and can stimulate one to sleep or be absent minded during a session. I can as well teach and enforce myself to become an attentive person.

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Visual interactions enhance the understanding of presentations. However, to some great extent, they are dangerous. The intensity of the danger will depend on the visual representation itself (also known as the image), the person viewing the image and the perceptions of the viewer. This can result into ambiguity that can lead to the discovery of new artifacts, insights, reframe issues, sense making and increased identification. The ambiguity resulting can be categorized into seven groups namely: icon, interpreter background, index, familiarity, reference, symbol and scope ambiguity.

By speaking of the interpreter background, I mean the previous experiences of the person concerned including education and work. One could make an assumption from the quantization made by the eye. Familiarity concerns how often one meets the current incidence being observed. Scope ambiguity is as a result of the wrong or right through of an item one has seen in relation to the functionality. It is important to note that some people see what they want. One can observe something that he had already conceptualized and made a conclusion on. To conclude on the visual perception, ambiguity results from the cognitive measures taken by one. Anything seen or just conceptualized must have pass through the nerve cells and the brain. A solution to this is adapting fully to images or objects so that when they are encountered for one more time, they are not new to us.

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I have watched many potential Information Technologists run away from studying the course. I attribute this to their less informed nature. Many of them think that on taking the career, they will end up studying computer application packages development by Microsoft Inc. This is what they have been observing from their residences and cannot think otherwise. So they associate Information Technology persons with the end user operations of the desktop computers and laptop to them. Another instance is of a friend of mine who has actually dropped out of school claiming that there was no employments hence no need to study. My friend had been observing the College and University drop outs and having been told by his father that there are no jobs, the same applied to all for him. I confused a headache tablet for a sweet that it resembles and ordered for one. After realizing my mistake, I scrutinized the tablet to avoid the occurrences of the same problems in future. The other ways of solving these problems is by education, empowerment, nature tours and conducting pre-visits.

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Perception can be impaired when one has clinical disorders, hypnosis, a short time difference between events and using psychoactive substances. Those who have metal disorders tend to perceive things in their own ways. Similarly, after abusing drugs people tend to make their judgments in their own unique and possibly strange ways. Drug abuse causes addiction and health complications. These affect the nerve cells and hence the brain thereby leading one into acting strangely. They therefore affect the kind of message carried by the neurotransmitters by facilitating the increase in their production, interfere with their release, surpass them or even make them leak hence unavailable.

Social and cultural interaction platforms also influence the kind of perception one has. A bad social and cultural lifestyle can lead to the impairment of one’s perception. Exposure to too much noise or light affects the corresponding organs thereby leading to ones inability to get the right perception of the environment.

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In order to cope up with perception impairments and at one time get out of it, one need to undergo a lot. First of all, one has to accept the current situation. Accepting the situation applies to one who has mere impalements. One who has brain impairment could possibly not even know what he or she is doing. One can work on getting exposed to the visual activities. This enhances the operation of the cognitive abilities within social and interpersonal situations, thereby leading to a good social behavior. The perception of affective prosody is controllable by the social interactions and exposure. One can decide to accept the environment that he or she is currently in. Avoiding negative attitudes about the speaker will be a solution in this case. If one control this is, then one is able to be attentive to a speaker for a whole session. Perception caused by vision impairment can be solved by first accepting then taking the right measures like having glasses on. The other measure that can be taken is using hearing aids.

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