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Psychology in the Next 100 Years

For many years, scientists and scholars have come up with different ways in which to study and analyze the human mind in order to understand the way human beings behave, think and feel. This is what is known as psychology. The history of this branch of science can be traced back to 1879 when a German psychologist Wilhelm Wundt became the pioneer of the first psychology laboratory, since then there have been tremendous improvements in the way scientists study the human mind and behavior. The purpose of this essay paper will be to try and discuss the changes that are likely to occur in the field of psychology in the next 100 years and reasons as to why these changes are most likely to occur. The paper will however begin by mentioning some of the categories of psychology that are studied in the modern day world of science.

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According to Borade, some of the categories of psychology that are mostly studied in the modern science world include, clinical psychology, cognitive psychology, social, educational, developmental and biological psychology (Borade, 2010). Despite the fact that all the mentioned fall under the category of psychology, they address different areas in relation to human growth and development and understanding each of them separately helps scientists and psychologists be in a better position to monitor the human behavior. The rapid growth of the information and communication technologies (ICT) sectors did not only affect areas that are related to computers alone but it also had a great impact in the medical field. For instance with the introduction of information and communication technologies in the medical field, doctors are in a better position to conduct surgeries more accurately and prevent complications. This is where the world of psychology is heading to.

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According to Barrett (2009), the future of psychology in the next 100 years will be more computer-based than it is in present day. This means that any psychiatrist will be able to deal with any medical condition related to psychology and administer proper medication. For instance a psychiatrist who specialized in educational psychology will be able to use brain-imaging-techniques like the fMRI and other computer based programs to detect and deal with cases related to cognitive psychology without having to refer the patient to another psychiatrist. In addition to the above mentioned points, in the next 100 years also doctors will be more technologically empowered than they are today. As mentioned in the paragraph, psychiatrists will have the freedom to attend to cases outside their specialty; the same case will apply to other doctors too. For example it will be able for a dentist to attend to a patient with a psychological condition with the help of the special designed computer programs.

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It is important to note that in the modern day world internet is used in nearly all areas of economic growth and development. It is through the same internet that the world has been converted into a digital village. Therefore in the next 100 years, the world of psychology will have adapted to the same; online based psychology treatment. Psychiatrists will be able to attend to a patient from any geographical location and they won't be required to there in person or it won't require the patient to fly all the way to meet his/her psychiatrists. This will not only be a cost saving measure but also a time saving measure to both the patient and the doctor.

Achieving the above mentioned points in the next 100 years will not be a walk in the park. This is because in the present day world, the rate of illiteracy and poverty level is slowly but gradually increasing especially in the developing nations. Therefore the world super powers should join forces and ensure that in the next 100 years, the level of poverty have reduced and all people have access to education and more importantly the internet.

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