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Adolescent Behavior

Adolescent is a period in human growth marked by rapid physical, psychological, cognitive and social maturation. The biggest issue affecting adolescent behavior is how to keep their emotional balance in a way suitable to live in the society. They have many concerns that can either be overwhelming or disabling. Birmaher 1996, quoted in the article; Adolescent Stresses Concerns and Resources, p.2, points out that "Depression in Adolescence leads to such difficulties as impaired school performances and compromise social relationships with peers, siblings and teachers." The improved social networking system seen in adolescence such as use of social sites like face book and creating many friends in school helps them to suite in the social whole. In the article quoted above, the author feels that the growing relationship in peers as adolescence is transverse. This is a behavioral transition observed in early adulthood.

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The author feels that the major problems of concern to adolescent are relationship with their peers and families, Ideal body attainment, freedom, education achievements, future expectations and basic needs. These issues of concerns are the ones which determine the decisions made by an adolescent. It is also observed that both Gender and age make a concern to adolescence. Sweating and West (2003).quoted in 'Adolescence Stresses Concerns and resources p.15 para.4'suggests that girls may have higher level of stress regarding school performance due to their higher attempts of meeting expectations along with the traditional concerns on the issue of identity.

Based on my observation and from the literature read in the article, adolescent are never competent in making decisions affecting their lives. They have unstable emotional balance that when left to make decisions on their own, they can participate in antisocial activities like committing suicide when under extreme pressure.

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