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The Islam

Islam is a religion mainly founded on monotheism as expressed in the Quran, a book which is seen as the exact word of God by believers and by the teachings of Muhammad who is known to be the Prophet of Islam. Muslims believe in the existence of one God and that worshiping God is the main purpose of life. Islamic faith is regarded by followers as the universal adaptation of a monotheistic, primordial religion.

One of the main differences between Christianity and Islam is that Christians believe that God lives as the Trinity while Muslims perceive God to be undividable. On the other hand Buddhism mainly emphasizes that God created the universe, however in Buddhism the concept of God is mentioned much later in the final doctrines unlike Christianity and Islam which begin with the concept of God.

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Muslims believe that Jesus came into existence as God’s act and in spite of him not being the God’s son; he is merely a prophet just like Muhammad. Christians on the other hand believe in Jesus as Gods son and forms part of the trinity. Buddhists mainly believe in Siddhartha Gautama as their great awakened teacher and found most of their belief in Karma. In Buddhism, karma particularly insists that actions have consequences.

Another major difference between Christianity, Islam and Buddhism is the belief in sin. Christians believe that every person carries the Original Sin caused by Adam when he disobeyed God. Christians further believe that Jesus died because of man's sins. Muslims on the other hand believe Adam was immaculate.

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They don’t believe in any atonement brought about by Jesus since he didn’t die on the cross. Muslims believe that every individual come into this world as sin-less and therefore it’s the responsibility of every human being to maintain this sin-less status during their lifetime. Buddhists believe that sinners are punished in one of the five realms between conception and death.

Christians believe that once a person dies, God judges them and they are either condemned to hell or heaven. Muslims on the other hand believe in the existence of barzakh, which is a provisional afterlife comparable to Purgatory, when judgment day comes all spirits will be judged.

In Islam, perceives morality and law as being one and the same; law is founded on ethical conduct and politics ought to be done while observing religious principles. Morality and secular law are perceived to be separate when it comes to Christian nations and they are governed by secular governments.

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Christians are relatively relaxed and lack strict rules regarding which foods may be consumed. Muslims on the other hand are very mindful that man was created by God; therefore some drinks and foods can defile man. That’s why Islam forbids Muslims from eating certain things, e.g. Alcoholic drinks and pork, Buddhism forbids eating the flesh of animals: this rule is strictly observed especially among the Sinhalese Buddhists.

Islam is founded on Five Pillars, these are the 5 mandatory worship acts and they affect almost each feature of society and life, encircling everything from conflict to banking and wellbeing as well as the environment. Shahadah is one of the key pillars. It’s a declaration of monotheism stating prophet Muhammed as God's messenger. Shahadah is normally a declaration rehearsed in Arabic. The second pillar is the Salah which is a prayer said daily. Salah is composed of 5 prayers said at the crack of dawn, the noon prayer is known as Duhr, the afternoon prayer is kown as Asr, while the prayer done at sunset is known as Maghrib. Evening prayer is refered to as Isha. Each of the five prayers is supposed to be done facing Mecca.

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Zak%u0101t is the third pillar which involves generous giving to the society and is mandatory for all capable believers. All muslims are perceived to have personal responsibility to others when it comes to alleviating economic suffering and get rid of inequality. Zakat encourages muslims to give 2.5 percent of one's possessions to help the needy and poor.

The fourth pillar is kown as Sawn. The Quran states three types of Sawn (fasting), one is the Ritual fasting. This is done as an act of repentance and its mandatory in the period of Ramadan. The final pillar is the Hajj. It’s a pilgrimage observed by all muslims of age in the Dhu al-Hijjah month. Each muslim who is able-bodied ought to undertake the pilgrimage to Mecca if he or he can afford it. Its supposed to be done once in their lifetime.

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