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World’s Religion

Unit 21

1. b. Muhammadanism is an inappropriate terminology for the religion because of the fact that it connotes and denotes the submission to Muhammad rather than Allah. The term does not refer to faith and all the adherents that are attached to it.

c.. Islam is the name given by Allah as shown in Quran 5:4. It is an Arabic word which when translated in the English language would mean submission, obedience and peace respectively.

d. Allah is defined as the standard Arabic name for God. Al- means “the” and Lah- means deity or God. Allah is the God of the religion Islam.

e. The relation between the Jews (Hebrews) and the Muslims can be traced in the hierarchy of Abraham his sons Ishmael and Isaac. The Jews are the descendants of Isaac while the Muslims are from Ishmael.

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2. b. Seal of the prophets is the title given to Muhammad as a seal that he has been called a prophet upon receiving a revelation that paved the way for the creation of Quran.

c. The main features of the Arab world can be summarized into one perspective and that it is the rapid expansion of the Muslim power in all parts of the globe. As a matter of fact, it is considered to be the second largest religion in a few years to come.

d. Animistic polytheism is the summation of a world where people or the society in general are no more than concern on anything else but to pursue their own self interest. Thus, creating a selfish society but not really knowing their real place in the world.

e. Muhammad is characterized with humility. With such virtue comes morality and virtue that Muhammad has lived up with his time in this world. Hence, it made him popular to the world.

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f. Upon Muhammad’s revelation in a cave in Mount Hira, he spoken such revelation to his wife, Khadija who in turn became his first convert.

g. The response that Muhammad had when he received his call has been clouded with doubt. He thought that he had gone mad at first but later on accepted such calling with determination to spread the word and became the prophet the Arab world hold with high regard.

h. The three main reasons why the public negatively reacted to Muhammad’s message are: 1) the government is threatened by the concept of monotheism concerning offerings that are being given for various shrines; 2) the moral teachings of Muhammad somewhat meant to end a good life; 3) the society is based on social discrimination and classification and the teachings said that all people are equal under the government of God.

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3. b. Hijrah can be summarized as an event where Muhammad left Mecca and travelled all the way to Medina. It was a journey of determination not to avoid persecution but rather to enable the establishment of the first ever Islamic State the world has ever recognized. Hence, the event marked the beginning of the Islamic calendar.

c. The role the Muhammad played in Medina has been great because he was able to unite two of the large community or tribes in the nation. He was able to gain the trust of almost 80 percent of the population in Medina. Although he taught the same teachings in Mecca, the reception of the people in Medina is remarkable as compared to those in Mecca.

d. The most important thing that happened in the victorious return of Mohammed in Mecca is the spread of Islam unopposed by the Meccan people. He has been able to detroy the idol of Ka’abah and the Meccan people have finally embraced Islam. To date, Islam is a growing religion and the Arab nations have considered Muhammad as their master and Allah as their God.

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Unit 22

1.b. The Muslim community believed the Quran to be miraculous because of the fact that its revelation is filled and inspired with divine guidance from Allah. It is also a good source of moral direction that will help mankind to live a decent, respected and good life.

c. Surah is an Arab term for the 114 chapters of the Quran that contains the divine revelation from Allah. It is considered sacred parts of the Quran as it contains revelations from Allah.

e. The People of the Book are referred to as those who are non-Muslims. They are those who believe in other religions such as Judaism, Christianity and Sabians.

f. The two defects of the Jewish and Christian Bibles according to Islam is the ignorance of history and that of the language. It can be seen that Islam has been recording all that has happened in the past until an Islamic State has been established. They have also written the Quran in Arabic language which has not been translated as much as the Jewish and the Christian Bibles. They appreciate the language of the Quran more than any religions in the world.

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g. The Arab nation has a deep and solid appreciation of the language and more particularly of the Quran. The words of the Quran has been highly appreciated because it is believed to be really the words of Allah as no other person can weaved such wonderful and smooth flowing words.

2.c. The clear misreading of the Quran’s teaching about Allah is the confusion made into believing into Muhammad and Allah. Those who do not have a clear understanding of the Quran would think that salvation is through Muhammad and not the God Allah.

d. Surah Al-Insan (76), Ayah 3 stated that life came from Allah and that He gave mankind the capacity and the ability to hear and see so that in return they will give thanks to Him.

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