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Aetwood’s Response to Samuel Adam’s Speech

The empire founded on equal justice, all the providence by nature, and equal opportunities as portrayed in the text are for humanity. All the empires on the world should rise based on equal opportunities and justice for all. Voluntary consent of all the individuals living on earth and cohabiting harmoniously was the main purpose of the speech. (Alexander, 2000).

The speech was also centered on the liberty and equal constitution, the heaven and earth having been created on the basis of providence meeting all the needs of human beings, the war and conflict in some parts of the world should not arise due to mere competition for the available resources, struggle for possession and ownership of the world resources. The heavens pour in abundance all the necessary materials for support, comfort and strength for all the nations. Materials and resources for sustenance as provided by the world are enormous and should not create war and tension among states. People should live in harmony based on mutual defense, participating in commerce and be united, wanting nothing else from the world. (Aker, 1984).

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The Mexican war was based on struggle to own resources made abundance by God in the South American continent, the North American powers led by the United States participated in the war with a view of having the pie of the resources in the region, The war in the middle east that was orchestrated by the United States to oust Saddam Hussein was meant to protect the interest of the US in controlling the oil from Kuwait. Aetwood’s response to the speech given by Samuel Adams, as outlined above, for the purpose of squelching animosities and conflicts that have rocked the world from left to right. Based on the competition to own the resources given to humanity by nature, would have been commended for propagating peace and harmony in the face of the world rocked by conflicts and deaths. Aetwood being a peace crusader and champion for turmoil free world would endorse the speech as the landmark masterpiece for restoring calm in the world. (Alden, 1944).

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