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The work by Buckett is a play setting of “Endgame”. This play is based on the global questioning of whether God exist and whether humanity is significant to him. Buckett does challenge the audience as far as God’s existence is put on stake. The work does doubt his presence as an illusion state towards easing the fear of death and insignificance or a reality. The play is based on questioning the existence of God and Hamn discredits his presence openly when he asked Clove and Nagg to pray to him. He laments, “Bastard! He doesn’t exist!” The play calls everyone to the questions raised by Buckett towards the craving for absolute answers. Buckett has managed to stage a puzzle situation where there is lack of absolute and final submissions to the doubts that disturbs his mind. The book and play “End game” by Bucket is an extraordinary masterpiece that encompasses drama to great ends.

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There is explicit choice of words especially in the soliloquy made by Hamn’s upon his rise of the curtain. He alleges “And yet I hesitate, I hesitate to . . . to end. Yes, there it is, it's time it ended and yet I hesitate to--(he yawns)--to end." This is a quality choice of heavy wording. Bucket in his play: End Game, he represents a fictional atmosphere which is complex like a real situation with a lot not getting to their conclusions. The surroundings of the setting are not real but they have been able to depict an almost real world with unanswered questions. The characters depicted by Buckett do inhabit a small room but they seem comfortable despite the knowledge of the turbulent outer world destruction. They seem to be assured of their safety in within the confines of the shackle. In his search of human restraints and mortality in his book and play, Buckett’s characters are struggling to get to the understanding of their instinct and make. The characters and Buckett generally struggle to arrive at the final submission of the significance of humanity in the seemingly world with no God.

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