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Addiction is the most important social problem which has become quite common in all the communities. Alcohol is one of the many substances that are major causes of addiction. Despite the fact that medical science has largely dependent on the alcohol for the manufacturing of various medicines, Alcohol in its pure form is very dangerous. The laws in western countries have allowed the usage of alcohol on the user and have put some limits on it when the persons become publically dangerous. But why it should be then allowed if a person who becomes addicted can become a social problem and can cause damage? Alcohol should be banned and pointed out as illegal in the countries as it is not safe for the user and those who are around them.

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In order to gain insight of the issue various researches have taken place which dictates that alcohol has been the cause of distress for many people. The detailed study of the issue states that in USA the crime ratio has increased in the previous decade. People have been more vulnerable to many threats that were not present before. The use of alcohol works in a same manner as the marijuana or any other drug. The person who uses it regularly always feels the need for more of it. A person loses his ability to think properly and cannot observe think clearly, thus making him unfit for many things. It is that time when he becomes a problem. Recent research has shown that person under the control of alcohol sometimes beat people. The issue of domestic violence has evolved as the most common matter these days when the wives are beaten to hell. Alcohol controlled persons have found to be the main cause of these circumstances. It is the scenario of the streets as well where these persons are always in line to kill someone or hurt someone for little money. The problem is that the person loses the ability to think properly. Due to addiction the person requires is more than before and when he doesn’t get this he feels frustrated and ready to get involve in the situations that consequently end in the jail or hospital. Various VIP parties and celebrities actions make up headlines of over speeding and hurting someone are quite common as well. Thus if these are the general issues with the alcoholism, why not stop this or make it illegal.

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The medical science states that the alcohol directly affects the kidney and liver of the body. Kidney and liver are the two main parts of the bodies and their optimum working is required for better operation of body. When a person becomes addicted to alcohol, he is seriously causing damage to his life. Research has shown that the average life of the alcohol addicted person is very less than the average person. The addicted person on the other hand becomes totally unsocial personality where he takes no responsibilities and his duties of life. He becomes totally frustrated with the life structure and his whole life just seems to be revolving around the same word alcohol. In these cases when the person is in search of alcohol doesn’t get, pose a serious threat to his family as well and as discussed above the domestic violence is quite common result of this situation. Relationships have seen to be shattered for those who are alcohol addicted. Wives have seen to opt for the legal single status after they have been unable to settle their husbands into a good habit but failed.

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There are many problems in our society. The recent financial slump is one type of that matter which has made people to get frustrate and use alternative methods to satisfy themselves. Alcohol seems to be a nice alternative for these as they no longer have to think of their crises. Thus the society problems are making it easier for the people to get addict. Other things that have been seen are the teens always trying to involve in these kinds of ventures for fun matters only makes the situation more critical. There seems to have no check and balances on the alcohol in the United States or any other western countries. The strict rule that is applied nowadays is that the one who is under control of alcohol must sabotage himself from public meetings and avoid moving out or drive a car. These are not the correct responses by the government towards this evil. There should be a proper governing of the rules which could determine the amount of alcohol entering into the cities and the amount which a single person uses it. But still it is no solution. There are always ways for those who will require. A better strategically devised approach should be followed by the governments. If alcohol is so lethal for the man’s health, his relationship, and is a major cause of the increase in crimes then why not leaving it backdoors. Why not make it illegal so that no one should have access to it. The society will become safe, the relationships will not break and in the end the persons will get a chance to live a healthy life on healthy alternatives by the nature. This is a chance that must be given to all of the people around us and this is only possible if alcohol becomes prohibited and termed as illegal.

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