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The Housing Allowance

Wilson Mutambara an employee of NewCom Company was morally wrong. His actions show lack of a behavioral conduct that differentiates between right and wrong intentions, actions and decisions. The personal values and code of conduct he displays are against the expectations of the employees of NewCom Company. He was supposed to live in accordance to the Company’s policies of the employees living in a safe and high quality housing that keeps with the image the company wanted to project to the society. Living economically as he puts it is wrong since he displays an image that displays NewCom in a rather low class than would be expected as they do not keep with the professional standards and poorly reflect on the Company.

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When Wilson is confronted about his housing, he points out that not only was he a NewCom employee but also a Rambian citizen and living in the neighborhood was not unsafe for him. He further states that he finds it insulting that the area he grew up in is referred to as unseemly or inappropriate for company employees (Shaw, W. H. 2010). In defense of presenting falsified monthly receipts, he states that it is a common practice in Rambia and that no Rambian can think twice about it. It dawns to Wilson that he should take another turn in his defense when Barbara Weston states that he had violated his duty to NewCom. He therefore, on a verge of tears state of the responsibilities bestowed on him as a Rambian and how he is expected to pay school fees for his eight niece and nephews in an attempt to give them same chance he had. He further argues out that his relatives would not understand him living in a big house instead of helping them.

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Wilson Mutambara could have looked for better means of ensuring his family members were well taken care of. One way was seeking for sponsors and scholarships for his eight niece and nephews. This could take care of school fees issue and on catering for his family member’s basic needs, a business would have done.

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