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Reading Response to Winter’s Bone by Daniel Woodrell

Winter Bone by Daniel Woodrell explores the life of a young girl, Ree Dolly, at the age of sixteen and her desire to keep her family put despite all the difficulties that they face in their homes. She takes care of her ill mother and her two younger brothers. She is determined to join the army in order to secure a future for both herself and her family. When she learns that her father has failed to appear in court to answer to charges, she sets out to look for him so as to prevent their house from being sold. Her father has been accused of running a crystal methamphetamine lab. In addition to this, he is an addict.

In the book, Ree’s father is portrayed as being insensitive and irresponsible. This is subject to his substance use. Also, Ree’s relatives are engaged in the drugs business. One of the reasons as to why the characters in Winter Bone are using methamphetamine is due to desperation and the desire to get away from the troubles that they are facing in their daily encounters. The choice of methamphetamine is mainly because it increases concentration, alertness and energy it is also believed to increase self-esteem. Therefore, the characters are using the drug as a destruction of their problems. It gives them the impression that the gained energy will increase their capabilities to rise to the challenges that they are facing.

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The author’s approach of using Jolly to showcase the capability of overcoming harsh situations is strategic. The choice of a female character illustrates that anyone can persevere through hardships irrespective of gender. Also, the fact that she is not a user illustrates that the beliefs that the drug enhances one’s capabilities is not true. The author, therefore, connects to readers in an advisory kind of setting. This implies that he attains his purpose of shaping his readers.

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