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The desert places that frost finds himself in the poem “desert places” are the wilderness that engulfs him. He describes the situation in which he is caught up in as one characterized by barrenness in which he is alone and at the mercy of falling snow while the night as well closes in on him (Frank). There seems to be not a single soul in sight to console him. Thus as any semblance of life gets swallowed by the snow, as he says..” even the ground is almost covered smooth in snow safe for a few weeds and stubble showing their last bits before they follow suit..” this in itself represents a state of barrenness and despair or no hope which is best described by a desert (Frank).

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Between lines 8-10, frost uses the word lonely or loneliness a whooping four times in that short span. On the same poem other words that bear similar sounds reinforcing these words are “snow falling and night falling fast”, “I looked in to going past a few weeds and stubble showing last”, the woods around it have it, it is theirs”, all animals are smothered in their loins”, “a blanket whiteness of benighted snow with no expression, nothing to express”, as well as empty spaces between stars on stars where human race is”. They all indicate either plant or animals on his own surrounded the speaker yet he was so desperate for human company (Frank).

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In the closing stanza, the feminine rime spaces, race is and places might well occur in any other comic verse but in the “desert places” they really don’t get me laughing since the poem as whole assumes a sad and desperate tone of someone stuck in a lonely desert and who is in need of help and yarning for human company.

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