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Response to 'The Myth of Moderation'

A belief is a lever that once pulled, moves almost everything else in a person’s life. This is very true based on the opening story of the young guy who martyred himself because of the mare belief that he will go to heaven and the unbelievers will go to hell. Yet this is not the attribute of God according to writer. Such things are believed by many people to be done out of greed, hatred and fear but in the name of religion. Religion moderation is undependable since it shows where we should go but it does not direct us how we should get there. Basically, it is ignorance of science and technology in the name of passing down to us beliefs of men and women whose lives were ravaged by their basic ignorance of the world. By this, according to the writer, it is a steep price to pay for limiting the scope of reasoning in our dealings with other people in exchange for religion moderation. The writer sees religion as a mere mirage and a capitulation to a variety of human interests that have nothing, in principle, to do with God. Hence religious moderation appears to be nothing to more than an unwillingness to fully submit to God.

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Believe is one of the thing that move people to do things and to act in a certain way. This is what is referred to as faith and gives us the audacity to proclaim the things that we hope for in the future. Religion moderation is a myth that is unacceptable to God. If it were true then it would be pleasing to Him that believers should kill unbelievers. Instead we are required to teach the unbelievers the right way i.e. the way of God and to make them become like us who believe. This is logical because nobody was born believing in God but, we all had to be taught and hence we believed the teachings passed on to us. This is not to say that we should be ignorant of what is happening to us or around us because faith is not a denial of facts/reasoning but it is putting our faith in God and keep hoping that He will come through for us in our time of need. Also, we shouldn’t disputing reasoning because without it we would still be living in the Stone Age. 

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Faith is good but we should not do unacceptable thing in the name of religion implying that it is the so called religion moderation. Also, we should not brood on ignorance because without knowledge even to communicate what we believe is impossible. Hence knowledge is power and without it we are very limited.

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