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Anatomy of an Illness as Perceived by the Patient

Norman Cousins was 49 in 1964 when he contracted ankylosing spondylitis, a collagen disease that affected the tissues. He dedicates a chapter to his illness to draw a good example to what he explains in the next chapters 173 pages of the book.

This is a deadly disease that made his physicians give him one out of five hundred chances of surviving. He checked out of the hospital and into a hotel room where with the help of his doctor he self-administered treatment. This was a combination of movies and heavy doses of vitamin C. With the help of his personal doctor William Hitzig, he proved that love, faith, laughter, hope, confidence and the spirit to be alive have curative value. Cousins won the battle to reverse his health condition, thereby winning the approval by many medical practitioners through this move. He proceeds to explain the importance of humor and stress-free life in the medical therapy.

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This work is related to his previous article entitled "The Chemistry of the Will to Live". Many people suffer from diseases that they can control. They get to lose their lives even after having been given the perfect knowledge of the measures they can take. I have personally watched some die of conditions such as stress. The mind of a human being is so powerful to the extent of what one thinks affecting the health. As per my observations, the whole book is a perfect advice and source of solution to all.

Cousins show clearly the connection that exists between the human mind and health. I accredit him a doctorate for his work. One of the most remarkable characteristics of his book is the evidence of an emerging respect among doctors for non-professionals’ ideas. He concludes that his respect for them is not compromised at any cost.

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This book answers the questions of various individuals and spans across all professions. I believe that this fascinating book should have mutually an instinctive appeal and a sensational to all. They will realize why it has become a bestseller and the reason as to why Cousins was amused to the end of his life in 1990.

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