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Setting Up a Radio Station

The making of audio news can otherwise be referred to as radio broadcasting. Radio broadcasting is an audio radio waves delivery service that transmits waves from a transmitter to a radio antennae and finally to a receiver (Lewis, 1999). This essay discusses the summary of typical model of a radio station. It will have the following rooms:

Entrance and front desk maintenance room, air condition facility, editor’s room, control room, on air studio, speaker studio, production studio, radio editing platforms in the office space, washroom facilities, meeting room, and reporter kits for interviews and recordings in the field. A world space satellite receiver with a permanent antenna will also be installed in tandem to make sure the necessary requirements are met so as to gain a competitive advantage in the market and to cope with current technology changes. Its purpose will normally be to receive new music and information. The satellite will allow the station to fully connect to the internet. This has an advantage of incorporating social sites like Facebook and Twitter that will help create a rich fan base. The internet connection also allows the station receive first hand criticism on its programs and enable it rectify the unpopular programs. Internet provides faster means of sending and receiving text messages when the radio sessions are in progress.

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The crucial factors I will consider before setting up a radio station are:

A)Optical limitation, which can go up to 40 miles on a higher ground;

B)Interference from other stations on the close range frequency: this is because the modern receivers are crappy, especially the ones of Chinese origin, and can thus tamper with wave transmission;

C)Transmission power; the power required will be determined by the optical range on which the station will be operating. In situations where the antennae and frequency are clear, 100 watts will be convenient as the optical range is a maximum of 40 miles under these conditions. Perfect transmission is only achievable under special atmospheric conditions that occur rarely. Thus, it is professionally sound to increase coverage by installing a grid of transmitters and linking them through a wireless audio link. It is important to ensure that the links do not interfere with one another. There is no difference in range between the transmitters of different manufacturers provided they are operating at one power level. The difference is only seen in audio quality, life span, reliability, and spurious emissions.

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Building Blocks of a Radio Station

A)FM radio station transmitter: the transmitters used depend on the target range. A small range, for example, a house, requires a PCI MAX i.e. a personal computer card. Box standalone transmitters are used for high quality solutions. New investors are advised by specialists to purchase CYBERMAX MICRO or CYBER MAX FM (v2) as this can satisfy a considerably wider range (Miller, 2005).

B)The antennae should serve a wide range. There are two types of antennae, the directional (transmits most power in one directional) and the horizontal (transmits power in all directions thus are ineffective). The station will use a directional one and will be placed in a raised ground. It will also be situated from audio gear, television cable, other transmitters, or other installations.

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C)Coaxial Cable: this transfer’s power energy from the transmitter to antenna. The exact length required depends on the cable length and power capacity.

D)Audio equipment; this can be a tape deck, lnter-compressor, CD player or even a personal computer. A good microphone on a room deviant, if noise, so that one will not annoy listeners as you adjust it, a convenient mixing table and a modern music library containing the most popular songs among the clients you are serving.

The brain in any radio station is the computer. The sources of sound can come from different outside sources like music cassettes, tape recordings, CD’s or other computer downloaded internet document files or direct recordings. A modern computer can perform many editing tasks so long as it is equipped with appropriate modern software and a soundcard. The soundcard allows you to connect the computer with external audio devices. In the modern technology, the soundcard is normally internally fixed in the computer’s motherboard. The soundcard turns the sounds into a computer file.

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A mixer is also necessary in this case to allow connection of many sound sources into a computer at the same time. The mixers used depend on the station type. Stations that are more robust require complicated mixers. It is important to have physical mixers, even though the computer can be configured to regulate the sound. This is because, with the mixers, one can continue broadcasting, even when the central computer is broken down. Since the sounds are in the computer system, editing is required.

E) Radio etiquette, whereby one should act responsibly on air.

It was timely and exciting and allowed the editors to watch the wires that separate the big news from the breaking news, and sort them out to run in and then to present them in a fashionable way. Currently, millions of consumers receive news from RSS feed readers.

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Choosing the Songs to Play

Each radio station follows a certain format when playing songs. This is determined by the demography the station appeals to (John, 1997). Songs are first released by a record or publishing. Because of the competitive nature of the modern radio, only popular songs play to the customer’s request.

In conclusion, considering the changing technology and the people’s changing attitudes towards radio, it is crucial that the radio stations are revolutionized in order to increase the client base and catch up with the competition. Thus, it is imperative to start an internet radio transmission so as to reach your audiences all over the world. In addition, the employment of qualified and popular personalities will help market the radio. Attending and financially participating in society functions will assist in reaching more clientele. Popular programs as sports should dominate the radio sessions and abuse language should be banned from the broadcasts. Prominent personalities should be encouraged to frequent the station, as they will provide support with them.

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