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Steve Jobs’ Biography

The experience of Steve Jobs, as described in his biography, enabled Jake, my discussion partner, to open up after realizing that one’s unfavorable childhood does not condemn him/her to a life of failure. Jake Wellington was born on March 29, 1997, to poor parents who could not fund his elementary education. The situation even worsened after his father died of cancer when he was eight and left under the care of his jobless mother. His determination to learn has enabled him to secure a place in this institution even though none of his parent is alive now. He, however, fails to understand why young, healthy graduates could give up their son, Steve Jobs, for adoption and later remarry citing that as an unwise decision. Steve Jobs’ disinterest in hard work regarding studying bothered us, as Jack’s situation was a lack of school fees that made him drop out of elementary school earlier. The decision of Steven to deny the paternity of his daughter and later reconsidering his act and reconciling with her did not go down well with Jake. This enabled me realize how Jakes’ past, has made him sensitive towards child violation issues.

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However, Jake seemed positive towards Steve’s idea of sacrificing his health status to defend the company’s success, terming it as an act of boldness and dedication. Steve’s passion in Apple Computers Company made him sell his Volkswagen as a source of capital to kick-start his dream. Steve Job’s noble nature impressed Jake a lot, as portrayed when he decided to bow to pressure and step aside from his position in the company, opting to establish another company and hold on to his passion. Jake confided in me that, at times, he used to sneak back to school unnoticed, after he was sent away due to the lack of fee balance, as the idea of absenting himself from school drove him crazy.

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Jakes’ father was a plumber, who worked with the local council but resigned from his job due to health problems. His mother was a kindergarten teacher but later left her job to take care of her ailing husband. Because of their limited income, the family faced many financial challenges and thus Jake had to drop out of school when he was seven. Just like Steve Jobs, Jake was bright and interested in learning and so with the help of his mother, they sought funding from the well-wishers and government for his education. His mother had sold their home to settle a large medical bill that his dead father had left, rendering the two of them homeless; thus, they moved from one street to another. Amid all these challenges, Jake excelled in his primary elementary exams well, but there were no finances to cater for his high school fees.

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His mother later succumbed to cancer leaving him under the care of his uncle who was working as a mechanic in a small establishment. Because of his interest in mechanics and fixing metallic objects, Jake spent most of his time in the car garage with his uncle repairing vehicles and motorbikes. His dedication and prowess in the profession attracted the attention of Mark Evans, a loyal client to his uncle and the owner of Markev car dealers, who invited him to perfect his skills in his company. He later offered to fund his high school education after noting his potential.

Passion should be the driving factor towards the good performance of engineering students, contrary to the belief that most of the concepts associated with the profession are difficult to understand. Steve Jobs overcame the competition in the industry he was involved in by attaching passion in his profession and never losing focus. My experience with Jake helped me realize his dedication, endurance and hard work that has enabled him to reach this far, and he seems to be commencing the journey to achieve his dreams with Steve Jobs’ biography encouraging him not to give up. He dreams to own a global car manufacturing business in the future.

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