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Article Review on Technology in Education

Technology in education is an ethical practice and study which enables learning and improves performance when creations in technology are used appropriately. Education technology covers a wide scope which includes: hardware, software, internet applications and a large number of activities.

Impact of technology on education

Technology has greatly simplified various aspects of our lives, including: social, economic and spiritual ones. However, one of the most profoundly affected fields in terms of technological advancement is, undoubtedly, education. In fact, technology plays such a great role in our lives that it has become almost impossible to live without it. Some manual tasks have been simplified and can now be performed by means of technology. Technology has to a great extent improved the field of education, making it easier for teachers to pass on knowledge to their students. But most importantly, it has turned the otherwise boring process of learning into a much more exciting and enjoyable activity. (Oley, 2006)

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In education the use of computers has enabled the students to learn more interactively by making use of media-based PowerPoint presentations. This evokes great interest in learning among students and also provides tutors with excellent visual aids. Moreover, it has boosted attendance figures and helped students stay focused in class.

Today, the Internet represents a huge repository of knowledge which students can access for all kinds information necessary to facilitate learning. There are websites and web directories that offer not only exhaustive but also very useful information on a wide variety of disciplines.

Technological advances applied in the educational field have given rise to distance learning and online education. Students don’t have to go to a physical classroom in order to learn as many learning institutions now offer online education programs allowing them to interact via the web.  This has greatly benefited the students with physical disabilities, especially those who have become mobility impaired. Technology, therefore, has increased the number of literate people all over the world (.Liu, 2002)

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Technology has many advantages but it also brings quite a few problems which include access to pornographic materials by the underage as well as students’ laxity in educational activities caused by easy availability of materials on the Internet.

Personal opinion on how technology will shape education in the future

Technology grows everyday increasing efficiency in learning activities every day. More and more people are beginning to appreciate distance learning and online learning. In the future, it is likely that there will be few people in physical classrooms because most individuals will take up e-learning. Technology has more advantages than disadvantages and, therefore, it is our duty to be creative and come up with newer and better technologies and utilize them to the fullest. (Huot, 1990)

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Today, knowledge in computer education is a part and parcel of school and college curricula. A wide range of professions need a work force that is literate in computer technology, hence it is necessary for each and every student to learn how to use the latest technological innovations in the market. Also, it is important to gain at least basic knowledge of how to access  the Internet. This is necessary because we are living in the technological era and by so doing we will build a stronger and more efficient education system.

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