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My Country in the Past and Now

Little has been known about the United Arab Emirates in the past, but with tremendous changes in health, education, and population sectors, the country now boasts of fame. Changes have been seen in these sectors in the last few decades making UAE a place everyone wants to live.

The United Arab Emirates has registered remarkable progress in health care. The UAE considers its citizens as a major resource of the country's development and is, therefore, concerned about their welfare. In an effort to maintain a healthy populace, the government has adopted comprehensive programs in the health sector to meet the needs of UAE society. It is funding health services and the private sector is also developing at a very fast rate. United Arab Emirates had few countable hospitals thirty eight years ago, but now it many hospitals. These hospitals have not only increased in number but they are also equipped with advanced equipments for treating complicated diseases.

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The complicated diseases include diabetes, kidney problems, and heart complications among others. The government has also allocated much money for purchasing machines to treat patients. These machines include surgery machines, blood pressure monitors, and contour diabetic. The government as also involved itself in training and hiring of medical staff to work in these hospitals. All these efforts by the government has improved the health sector because infant mortality and life expectancy is now comparable to that of other developed countries.

The United Arab Emirates emphasize on the importance of education than before. In the recent past, United Arab Emirates has seen a rapid increase and improvement in education sector. United Arab Emirates citizens have now embraced education by taking advantage of the educational facilities available. The UAE boasts of more than 150 schools equipped with new educational tools such as computers, white boards, and projectors. These facilities have made many people including women and men to learn. Education sector has also given money for women and men to study.

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These women and men can study in the country or choose to go outside the country. Progress in the education sector is witnessed in the high intake registered by University of Al Ain in 2010. Men and women have been equally absorbed in higher colleges of technology, which opened in 1989. Anther step in the education sector is the setting up of Zayed University in 1998. The university has campuses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This marks a significant step in growth of education, in United Arab Emirates. Besides the schools run by government, the private sector has also contributed a lot to growth of education by setting up schools and providing other educational facilities.

Improvement in the health sector and education sector has contributed to an increase in population. The United Arab Emirates has registered population increase over the last fifteen years. In the past, the population was small in number because the conditions for living were not conducive. The government did not offer jobs and, therefore, citizens were unable to meet their basic needs. On the contrary, the living standards have evolved in that the current government offer jobs among other things its citizens need to live.

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In conclusion, this paper has discussed the three key sectors that mark the difference between the past and present United Arab Emirates. These sectors are health, education, and population. There are also other sectors that have changed tremendously. Such sectors include improved agriculture and sanitation which ultimately improve the lifestyle of people.

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