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Life, Activities And Teachings


  1. Born in 1944 in Birmingham, Alabama
  2. Father was a mechanic and mother a school teacher
  3. First attended protests in mothers' activist group at early age
  4. Moved to New York at young age


  1. Attended a progressive high school on a scholarship plan
  2. Joined Brandeis University where she studied French Literature
  3. Goes to Sorbonne to study philosophy
  4. Graduates with masters degree in philosophy from University of California

Beginning of Activism

  1. Idea begins at Brandeis University due to interaction with African students and moved by their story
  2. Joins Student Non Violent Committee and Black Panther while at Brandeis University
  3. While studying Philosophy in West Germany four friends from high school perish in church bombing by Klu Klux Klan


  1. Gets Assistant Professor position at university on California
  2. Soon gets dismissed for activity with human rights group she joined in college
  3. Leads to protests by students by contract not renewed
  4. Becomes full scale activist

Roles  in activism

  1. Campaigns for better prison conditions
  2. Member of che Lumumba party which led to dismissal from University of California
  3. Protests in 'Lorenzo Brothers' case
  4. Wanted by FBI for the same case but goes into hiding
  5. Member of communist part( vice chairperson)

Arrest and Trial

  1. Purchased guns used in Lorenzo brothers case
  2. Wanted for charges of being an accomplice
  3. Makes the FBI top ten wanted list
  4. Goes in hiding for two months until capture in New York
  5. Tried but found not guilty but spends two months in incarceration


  1. Better prison conditions
  2. Feminist talks on better conditions to support black girls
  3. Speaks on the reforms to be doe on the Criminal justice commission
  4. Pushes for the rights of the minority groups

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