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First, read the paper; then write a quick list of dominant impressions (on the back of this sheet or on another sheet to turn in). What stands out? What images or metaphors or phrases are particularly vivid? What strikes you as most illuminating about the strategies of McCoy, Hardin, Singer, Leopold, McKibben, or Reich? Read the paper again. Sketch out a brief outline describing the paper on the back of this sheet. Do the connections between ideas all make sense to you? Note where they do not. Then, answer the questions below.

1. Does the writer provide an introduction that clearly lays out the subject and purpose of the paper? What would make the introduction more effective?

Yes. This is because the writer begins with a thesis statement that informs the reader that the paper will be a peer review on the works of Hardin and Singer. However, the writer dwells too much on Hardin's work. The introduction would be more effective if it was balanced.

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2. Does the writer offer clear and helpful summary of the essay or essays by McCoy, Hardin, Singer, Leopold, McKibben, and/or Reich, to create a stage or setting for the rhetorical analysis? What could be more effectively summarized?

Yes. The summaries are inclusive of examples used by the writers to help the reader understand the author's view. However, for effective rhetorical analysis, it would have been better to add more quotes directly from the works of the authors.

3. Does the writer carefully lay out and analyze McCoy, Hardin, Singer, Leopold, McKibben, and/or Reich, persuasive strategies, including some references to ethos, pathos, or logos (not required for essays on Leopold)? Does the writer consistently use appropriate quotations from the essay to set up the analysis? How can the writer provide deeper attention to the author's use of rhetorical strategies?

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Yes. The writer makes reference to pathos especially when referring to the Singer's work. This is achieved through the use of examples from Singer's work. He mainly uses logos when referring to Hardin's work. Ethos and pathos are also used in reference to Hardin's work. The writer would have given deeper attention to the authors' strategies by including numerous quotations form their work.

4. What has the writer shown about the key ethical issues raised by McCoy, Hardin, Singer, Leopold, McKibben, and/or Reich? Suggest how McCoy, Hardin, Singer, Leopold, McKibben, and/or Reich's strategies suggest their audience's values, beliefs, and assumptions.

The key ethical issue raised by the authors is thinking about us only. The authors have made the assumption that their audiences believe in helping others. They also assume that their audience is morally upright and that they have a clear conscience. 

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5. What is the strong point of this paper? What do you like the most?

I like the introduction because the thesis statement is good and constructive.

6. What new insight does this paper give or suggest? Try to paraphrase the purpose or thesis of this paper.

The paper shows the different ways that each author uses to reach to different types of audiences. More importantly, the paper tries to determine the better method to achieve the intended purpose by the author.

7. What 2-3 suggestions can you make for improvement?

I would suggest that the paper be more balanced between the books being reviewed. Also, additional quotes would guide the reader in understanding the contents of the two books more clearly.

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Impressions and outline of the draft:

Generally, the paper helps the reader understand the different opinions that the authors intend to pass. It also helps the reader understand the different styles that an author may take dependent on the assumptions he makes about his audience.

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