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How People Meet Online

Communication helps one to reveal their personality and satisfies the need for socialization. Numerous connections tie the world through the communication system provided by the technological and technical means. The expansion of opportunities of information usage and the development of communication technologies aid in making people closer even if there are some barriers. The issue of communication between at least two persons has become the object of scientific interest. Apparently, the changes in features of the current communication process have highlighted key points of the theoretical and practical views. Among the traditional theories, there should be room for the development of a new theory concerning online meetings.

The study of the reasons for people to meet online, the ways it happens, and the general base of their meeting is supposed to be included in the new communication theory. It would be focused on the communicative and informational connection of such process, its reasons (motives) and prospects. The hypothesized theory of interpersonal online communication represents the interpersonal influence via current informational technologies. It answers the question regarding the ways people meet online and the achievements of each side. Furthermore, one could easily separate all sociological tools from the ones used for characterizing the current informational and social phenomenon.

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The methodological tools of the hypothesized theory are both direct and indirect methods. The procedures of specific sociological knowledge acquisition would be provided by the general approach based on the application of the scientific methods toward personal communication, observation, empirical methods, and experimental test, among others. Moreover, one of the main conceptual ideas of the theory development would be the utilization of such integral method to underline the specifics of the theoretical positions and practical application. It would form the methodology of the particular theory of interpersonal online communication and reveal the algorithm of their implications.

The described sociological theory may correlate with the social information processing theory and social penetration theory (Bylund, Peterson, & Cameron, 2012). Since these scientific generalizations of the processes were considered with regard to the human behavior, the social online theory would include the elements of certain positions and extract the inherent features. It is a priori followed by the separate, specific, and narrow vision of human communication and information usage.

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According to the social information processing theory, communication between at least two persons and of a group of people enhances the knowledge formation (Dykas & Cassidy, 2011). It occurs through deliberate or unconscious actions that lead to the acquisition of new information. The data processing will inevitably trigger the creation of new information units and the development of communication links. The significant role in this process is played by the social systems (for instance, social media). Moreover, the theory does not always apply the current electronic tools but occupies the means of communication in general. In the context of this theory, the new approach to the explanation of the online human meeting strictly specifies communication in real time via particular Internet tools (Skype, email, social networking, and chats, among others).

The gap in the social information processing theory would be covered by the development of the hypothesized theory that differs in the goal and methods of communication. The deep motive of the online tools utilization is in the difference between these points. People motivated by the desire to get new information about each other, certain event or phenomenon decide to do it immediately in real time. It is obviously an instinctive desire to obtain the recent firsthand data. The goal of such behavior is not to hide the intention to receive information or enrichment the person’s knowledge but to get it without compulsorily giving something in exchange. Although communication implies the information exchange, the theory assumes particular one-way informational drive forward. Specifically, the social communicational online system plays a significant role in both theories, but it predetermines the dependence of the online meeting theory on the online services and specifies communication tools used in the interaction processes. Thus, basing on the very general positions of the previous theory, the new one creates the own vision of communication processes.

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The aspect of the meeting is also important. Since the social information processing theory concerns these actions, the theoretical position of the new online meeting proceeds from the assumption that the online meeting happens out of curiosity and might have contingencies. The behavior of people meeting online is based on their personal willing to search for somebody to perform the socialization function, to share expressions or documentaries, and to make friends, among others. Nevertheless, the audience falling under this theory is people with opportunities to use modern online tools to communicate, while the previous theory can be employed even by children with their cognitive behavior.

The theory concerning the online meeting is dependent on more sociable patterns rather than on another theoretical position. It characterizes only the communicative process, excludes the facial contact, and avoids live emotions. Thus, according to the mentioned theory, online communication is always dependent on graphical and visual capabilities of the Internet tools. Passing information through the online service, the informational generator is mostly versed in the procedure of coding one’s information that is supposed to be transferred to the recipient. Unfortunately, the lack of live presence during online communication prevents one to show their individuality and forms the ambiguous opinion about the addresser. On the contrary, the subject in the social information processing can be identified in most cases. Furthermore, one’s opinion has the essential contribution to the knowledge formation.

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Both theories refer to the establishment of the interpersonal relations, but the online meeting theory is dependent on the essential use of Internet with wide opportunities to overcome shyness, expand the connections to the global level, and find like-minded persons, among others. Online socialization happens faster because it is characterized by the higher speed of information spread. The reason is in current socioeconomic changes and the development of technical progress. On the contrary, according to the social information processing theory, the relationship builds due to the human adaptation to the external factors. Afterward, this process leads to the acquisition of experience and skills, while online communication could hardly provide it only through the offered information. Thus, the described theories have both similarities and differences, but they identify and specify the apparent and intimate aspects of interpersonal communication.

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Among other social communication theories, there is one that is able to oppose the online meeting theory. The social penetration theory describes the reciprocity within the social relationship. The theory is characterized by the acceptance of the personality as the combination of social layers that determines the manifestation of several social roles. The hypothesized theory regarding the online meeting with people applies to this theory but opens widely the meaning of the individuality as the social active phenomenon. During online communication, the person shows or opens slightly their layers. Willing to value communication through the Internet but understanding the unreliability of modern social and mass media, the individual tries to hide the main personal features. Thus, they save the internal layers and maintain the general appearance.

Deciding that the addressee is an interesting communication partner, this person continues and supports communication revealing the subsequent cover. The process of opening oneself through the online service utilization is conditional enough and is dependent on confidence with regard to these social tools, the addressee and the character of the addresser. If the person is closed and keeps the layers tight fitting, then the online meeting will face the difficulties, possibly leading to the rupture between people. If the individual is not confident about the relationships with other Internet users, then the person will be more communicative during the formation of online connections. Determining the theory’s role in the theoretical sociology, it is important to note that it specifies the conditions of such personal opening. It improves the social penetration theory and fills it with practical circumstances of demonstration.

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The individual online behavior is focused on the meeting with other people that would be performed in different ways, namely via email, chats, dating sites, social networking, blogs, and Skype, among others. In fact, all these communicative Internet tools may represent different spheres of one’s social life. For instance, email and Skype could be used for both professional and personal goals, but social networking and dating sites are utilized to personally communicate and are forbidden in workplaces. Consequently, online systems utilization varies with regard to social roles of the person. Thus, these Internet services determine their position regarding the appropriate communication, since they are the sources of information about the individual. Moreover, no one would mix the layers and the communication means. The human nature is in keeping the life in the convenient order. Therefore, what belongs to the personal sphere should not penetrate into the working space, as it may negatively impact on the reputation and professional career.

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The theory about online meeting with unknown people identifies the specifics of online communication. First steps are characterized by disbelief and suspicion toward strangers. Becoming familiar with people, the person acts cognitively and form perception of them. In this way, they recognize the behavior of a stranger, learn it, obtain the knowledge, and make conclusions. The temperament type will determine the next decision to accept and remove the next layer or stay on the same level of communication and do not reveal the inner nature due to the lack of confidence. The interaction of people through online services is complicated and the decisions are made quickly. When online communication is performed between at least two persons who know each other, the openness of the connection is dependent on the level of affinity and the acquaintance experience. Concerning the motive of online tools usage, the theory of social penetration could not answer the question regarding the reasons for the person to meet people online. It cannot also answer the question how people meet online. That is why these issues should be researched separately.

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Looking for the allied society, the person confirms the social nature, approval seeking, and striving for the membership. These social aspects may be revealed by joining the social clubs and dating sites, blogging, chatting, and usage of other interactive Internet sites. The deep motives of the specific sites usage are also connected with the acceptance of the modern informational and communicative advances. It creates the basis of interpersonal interconnection and promotes their development. Thus, the degree of individual opening is slightly lowering, as one person can be represented in the Internet area through a few online systems, which reduces the interpersonal borders and helps identify the personality.

The theory of the online meeting is based on the psychological aspects of human behavior and the acceptance of other people through communicative channels. It touches interpersonal communication via online services, so the motives and character of their utilization reveal the type of a person. External circumstances also influence the individual choice to behave in the particular way. Therefore, it introduces the behaviorist side of the theory and applies it to the existed and developed sociological theories. Apparently, this theoretical position has its own practical basis. Using the specific means of communication, the theory is involved in the modern information phenomena. Thus, it synthesizes various aspects of a human life and is integrated not only regarding the sociological theories but also other social spheres of human activity.











The topic of this theory has been selected due to its actuality. It is able to display the contemporary social and technological features of personality that form their subsequent behavior. Talking about such an important aspect of every person's life as communication with acquaintances and strangers, the developed theory can predict the future behavior of the person and the possible consequences. Shaping the features and differences between these issues and various sociological theories, the researchers are able to design the methodology that would promote the improvement of online meeting and communication between people. In fact, this is particularly important due to the emergence and wide popularity of the interactive media, namely online communication. Since it is perceived differently by different people and has a number of both advantages and disadvantages, the study of the meeting in real time via the Internet is an interesting issue. The progressive development of the theoretical sociology as well as its practical side can only benefit from the introduction of the theory of meeting people online.

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The mentioned theory is applied in the practical performance of online courses conducted by the American University. The relationships developed with the help of online communication. As the task was connected with the personal opinion on the particular issue, the different level of students’ openness was demonstrated. The further communication improved their skills and helped release the knowledge that the students have. Live conversation was provided by Skype and other telecommunications services. Thus, the more confidence has been shown to the unknown students, the more relaxed they have been. Consequently, the online meeting has contributed to the successful completion of the course.

To summarize, the study of the issue regarding the ways of meeting people online belongs to the current sociological problems. It requires taking into account the theories previously developed by the scientists, as they are based on the similar essential principles and phenomena. Finally, it is crucial to study the features of the development of society, since they have influenced the appearance of modified theoretical and practical issues about society.

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