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Haiti Famine

What Is Happening in Haiti Famine? What Could We Help Them to Improve Famine?

Since ancient times, the world has been experiencing hunger as a major problem of humanity. No matter if one lives in either less developed or developed country, hunger may exist everywhere. However, the most remarkable example of famine and its consequences nowadays is seen in Haiti where the residents are destitute and live in extreme hunger comparing to other nations in the north (DeTellis, 48). Furthermore, more than one hundred thousand children under the age of five suffer from malnutrition as a result of starvation (Woodson, 217). The leadership of Haiti has not been stable to address the challenge of hunger. Haitians have lacked leaders who can guide them during the hard times of hunger.

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Transition between Research Source Categories with an Assessment of Every Source

Victoria Lushbaugh in her article “Struggles the People of Haiti Have Gone through as a Result of the Earthquake” describes the condition of lives of the Haitians. The source has helped the world to understand the real problems people of Haiti are still facing during three years after the earthquake. It also explains the need of the international intervention. The article, however, does not recognize the efforts that are being made by the government and the citizens to rebuild their nation. Besides, the source is biased towards the international interventions that have been launched to curb Haiti’s hunger without taking into considerations what the government of Haiti and the residents are doing.

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Schwartzbord’s review of the toxicological hazards of food and drinking water in Haiti is beneficial for people because they could be aware of the risks of consuming the infected food and water. The review has acknowledged that unless the toxicological hazards are addressed, the production is likely to decrease even further. The source, however, does not recommend the control methods that the government has to apply to prevent the threats to human health. The source criticizes the government for the occurrence of these hazards and the neglect of the climatic and environmental factors that affect both people and nature.

Rick Gladstone article “Drought Worsens Food Crisis in Haiti” gives an overview of what to expect in Haiti during the drought. The article suggests that Haiti is experiencing a severe food insecurity problem that is likely to affect more than 3.6 million people. However, the article does not show what the Haitians should do to meet this challenge. The source seems pessimistic amplifying the negative results of the drought in Haiti and food insecurity problem giving no hope to find a solution to the problem.  

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Summarization Findings of Source Categories

The earthquake happened on January 12, 2010, is one of the leading causes of hunger in Haiti. Around 40% of Haiti’s harvest was destroyed. Furthermore, a great amount of property was also damaged. The little infrastructure that prospered before the earthquake was also destroyed. It means that people in Haiti were left with little or no food to survive after the disaster (Lushbaugh, 14). The consequences made it difficult to continue to produce more food or even to ensure food security. The earthquake has resulted in severe living conditions that remain nowadays, even after many years of the catastrophe. There is an increasing number of diseases that no one can treat because hospitals are far away. As a result, people die before they could see a doctor. However, people of Haiti starting from the government to the residents should have the spirit of rebuilding their nation. The destruction caused by the earthquake should be regarded as an opportunity to make a difference in the country, to create a change in the environment, and to develop new techniques of food security.

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Severe climatic conditions have also caused food insecurity in Haiti leaving more than 3.6 million people at a risk of hunger (Gladstone, 9). The country has been suffering for three years from a drought that was worsened by El Niño. It affects the food security diminishing an access to the reliable and affordable food supply (GLADSTONE, 9). The fact that the majority of Haitian population work in the agriculture and depend on the harvest should encourage the authorities to establish proper policies to fight the agricultural crisis. In fact, the farmers cannot only rely on rain because the country is now facing the devastating effects of drought. The government should find other techniques of growing crops, for instance, irrigation that could stop the dependence on the rainfall which, in fact, has not been sufficient in the recent years. By working on the improvement, the future of Haiti will not be associated with hunger. The clear policies will make people live comfortable and have a healthier life.

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Toxicological hazards have also been another cause of food insecurity in Haiti. Toxins were discovered in food supplies. This issue was confirmed by the human being many of whom are under the risk of contracting cancer (Schwartzbord, 823-33). It has resulted in the decrease of food production which suggests that the government does not control it. Not only has the amount of food been insufficient, but it is also unsafe for a human to consume. Unfortunately, is has made the lives of Haitians even more challenging. The government has to implement policies that will ensure that the produced food is safe for humans. If they are confident that the food is not harmful, it will be possible to produce more, thus, increasing the level of consumption. Furthermore, the government should develop new plans of action that will ensure that the harvest is stored in a safe environment that will prevent spoilage and contamination by poisonous substances (Pauyo, 60). Once the country controls food production and security, Haiti’s residents could be assured of a hunger-free future.

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Every person is entitled to have healthy food in enough amount according to human rights. Thus, the government of Haiti should ensure that the residents do not starve. A nation cannot progress both socially and economically with a hungry population. The reason for this is that starving people are less productive. Besides, most of them are infected with diseases due to the unbalanced diet (CAVE, 58). Naturally, it might be an opportunity to make things better from the way they were before the disasters had occurred. It should inspire the whole nation to build a new country where the stakeholders will be willing to participate and the government will improve the level of life (New York Edition, 24-25). Consequently, every resident should motivate others to the change the nature of their country for better conditions that will be sustainable for everyone.

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The eradication of hunger in Haiti requires the corporations in the international community to help Haiti with rebuilding their lives. After having faced the natural disasters, such as the earthquake, Haitians leave desperate lives. Thus, the international community needs to participate and create awareness that it is vital to continue making changes despite the challenges they have faced (Cope, 315-324). International organizations, such as the United Nations, help Haiti address the real issues that affect food security. For instance, the residents have to be educated on better farming techniques that will ensure that the families have produced enough. It is vital to give women a chance to choose what is better for their families because they tend to be more focused on the well-being of their family member (Sabotaj, 33-34). Therefore, it is evident that the question of hunger in Haiti is a big challenge not only to the country but also to the international community. Because of this, everyone could contribute in order to save Haiti from hunger.

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