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Ideological Analysis

There are major assumptions about what is natural, just and right and this forms the basis of analysis of the article. First, it is believed that if an individual naturally belongs to a place then he has an authority over that place. A case in point is realized in the article when the New York residents steadily come out to protest against construction of a new mosque. Considering the writings on the boards they are carrying up during demonstration, the residents question about a similar case where a synagogue is to be built in Mecca. The people of New York believe that their stay in the land as the natural members gives them power to decide on every matter pertaining to the land. The people that formed the anti-mosque demonstrations consisted of the native New Yorkers mainly. Their protest against the three planned construction of mosques is viewed as right based on the idea that they naturally belong there.

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In addition to that, justice equally plays a major role in ensuring that fairness is arrived at. According to the message factoring in the construction of a synagogue in Mecca, it is definitely not possible for Mecca to have any issue to do with Christianity. The main argument in this case is based on justice. The New Yorkers believe that they should be granted their based on the justice ground. In the real essence, the protesters believe in justice to all. Factoring in the concept of rights, the demonstrations are meant to facilitate satisfaction of the basic rights. The New York residents believe in rights. They insist on opposing the plan to construct the three mosques. These assumptions are incorporated by the New York natives against the government. The main issue behind these assumptions is the construction of three mosques within New York.

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The power relations evident in the article measure the relations between the beliefs. The first set of beliefs covers the Islamic religion while the second power covers Christianity as well as other religions. These different religions engage in wars about keeping track of their territories as well as beliefs. These power relations are made to appear normal based on the different beliefs evident. The major negative aspects that are excluded in these powers are the harmonization role of the religions which is not depicted throughout these demonstrations. In addition, the religion groups are normally characterized with the ideology of solving conflicts and instilling peace and harmony. This is however not the case in the anti Islamic demonstrations witnessed.

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The binary set privileged in this article constitutes good/ bad set. The sub set that holds more in this article is that of goodness. Even though the New York natives are heavily fighting for the continued domineer over their territories, the means and methods used show some elements of goodwill. This is in respect to the peaceful demonstrations as well as logical forms of arguments.

Some people who were left out are the senor Islamic officials in charge of the construction project. The main reason as to why these people were left out of the campaign is based on their biased ground of stand. In addition, the next observed biased sectors cover geographic. An example in this case is Mecca. Any Islamic forms of constructions in these countries cannot at any moment be disputed. The basic cultural myths that are evident in the article are religion related. The Islam normally operates on some specific worship criteria. Culture encapsulates a given method through which activities are done in a specific pattern. Christians have got their way of worship based on some predefined formula. From the article provided, it can be realized that the difference in worshiping culture between the Islamic religion and other religion was an issue. In addition, the terrorism culture of Muslims has also resulted into the discomfort in the need to undertake the Islamic constructions.

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The basic myths which govern the norms in the Islamic territories differ greatly with those of Christianity. Based on the differences, Islam does not at all believe that Jesus is God in trinity. This ideology is expounded in Christianity such that they believe in God the Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. Islam only believes that Jesus was a prophet but not God. Christians on the other hand do not believe in Mohammad. In a midst of all these, the New York natives suspected more of deception from the Islamic domineering their land.

Enthymeme is equally captured in the article vastly. This style expounds on the rational arguments based on the facts realized in any locality. In this article, the author has assumed major assumptions which might be looked into. Statistical data collected so as to assist in demography analysis shows some few commitments in the research work. In terms of percentages, the group of New York natives who totally disagrees with the idea about mosque construction rose up to 60%.

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The presentation style used in the article contributes a lot of literal meaning to the art work. First, the article is written in a well elaborated sequential flow of ideas. This style makes it easy for the meaning to be retrieved from the work. In addition, the author has incorporated repetition style so as to enhance the emphases during the study.

The vision of the human possibility in this case is evidently diverted with the fixed type of mentalities. These would assist man to understand basic advantages that may lie ahead in the development fraternity.

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