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Texas Culture

Texas is one of the most intricate states that are established under limited government authority. Nevertheless, it is the second largest state in the United States that has experienced changes in governmental leadership. For instance, French, Spanish, Confederacy and Mexican systems of government were practiced in Texas. Furthermore, Texas has enjoyed a diverse culture from an ethnically varied population. In 1850s, Texas population grew rapidly as immigrants from different parts of the world began to come to United States. Consequently, Texas has faced many battles and wars that emanates from this huge population that led to seven different constitutions in a period of fifty years between each government. Moreover, Texas remained as an independent republic before the emergence of different cultural backgrounds and ideologies. Today, the government suffers criticisms from individualistic and traditionalistic cultures.

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It is said that Texas is quite different from other parts of the country because of its citizens’ beliefs and values that are preserved for future generations. The people in Texas are driven by their “big can-do” attitudes and accents that greatly influences the political structure of Texas (Gray 23). Individualism and traditionalism has affected the way the government control different activities within the state. It is believed that the embedding of deep roots of these cultures on politics began back in 1827 and 1876 when there was a shift in power. Individualistic culture is aimed at fulfilling one’s own ego and interest. In addition, it promotes the benefits of private businesses rather than the development of the entire community. Individualistic views argue that the government is the source of malicious acts which affects the citizens at large. On the other hand, traditionalistic culture is centered on conservatism. The traditionalistic culture is viewed as priority in family hierarchy. That is, it gets its support from the common wealth of the society. Nevertheless, the norms and beliefs of this culture are biased in the manner of implementation and this is evident in low vote turn out. As a matter of fact, these cultures have hindered governance in Texas.

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It is worth noting that the acquisition of traditionalistic and individualistic cultures have caused enormous problems in both economic and political systems of Texas. Tax revenues are currently declining as people evade payment of taxes. Texans pay less tax as compared with other states in the United States. As a result, the country has continued to face numerous challenges associated with regressive taxes. Moreover, the country has been ranked among the recent collapsing economies. Therefore, speedy reactions ought to be embraced to change the taxing system. The anti-government attitude should be abolished to help the country realize economic growth. Furthermore, these cultures have favored the citizens because of paying low tax rates. Essentially, the poverty-stricken families have enjoyed this trend and they would prefer seeing it continues taking course. However, the government has not been able to enact policies that can help change taxing system because of limited support from the people. As a result, there is inadequate money that can be used in providing welfare programs to the increasing number of tax payers.

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The individualistic culture has encouraged corruption in Texas which has negatively affected the economy. Total tax expenditure on education, health care provision, public infrastructure and prisons has been reduced as those in authority are using funds for their own selfish interest. Consequently, poverty rate has intensified in some parts of the country as population increases. This has forced the federal state to look for ways in which the low-income people can be assisted to improve their standards of living. Therefore, the system of governance should be changed to enable Texas increase its taxes in order to have sufficient funds to spend in the provision of basic facilities to the citizens.

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Contemporary Texas politics have influenced who gets what and how do one get it. It is noted that even with the growing population, only a few people have been involved in developing the nation. The prevailing indifferences among the Texans is evident when the government does not succeed in meeting their expectations and demands. Majority of them feel excited and in most cases ridicule those in leadership positions. Texas has many resources such as oil and natural gas that should be exploited for the benefit of all people. To get out with words, the individualistic and traditionalistic cultures are the key factors that ought to be rooted out from Texans in order to develop the economy.

It is high time that Texas should embrace a new system of political system in order to diversify the economic situation. The Texans are clinging to some myths which draw the economy backwards. For instance, some politicians have been reluctant on promoting development projects because of the big size of the area they represent. Moreover, the great size of Texas has also influenced the cost of political campaigns. High costs involved in running up and down trying to woo voters have made the citizens to develop a mentality that political leadership is left for the elites who have enough money to spend. Moreover, geography has contributed towards shaping the political structure of Texas. The concentration of people in a given area has affected the voting system. For instance, the individualistic subculture has developed from this ground as the government is only aiming at ensuring stability of the society as the other people are pursuing their own gains. Thus, politics have been perceived as a business organization rather than a noble task that should be done to help others.

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The individualistic and the traditionalistic cultures indicate how the politics in Texas are driven towards minimizing the role the government. The general population is manipulated by the few individuals who participate in the formulation of policies regarding the provision of both social and economic benefits to the low income earners. According to the traditionalistic culture, policies that benefit the general public are given a second priority. The elite are respected and its structure should therefore be maintained. Mass political participation is reduced at all costs to ensure that the social and economic status of the elite is given a significant chance.

Texas has a varied ethnical population whose interest should be given the first priority by enacting policies that will promote equal development. The available resources within the state such as natural and human resources must be fully exploited in order to improve the living standards of the citizens. The state has been ranked as one of the nations that do not expend for the interest of all people. The dominating traditionalistic and individualistic cultures should be eliminated. According to Daniel Elazar, a political scientist, the traditionalistic and individualistic characteristics constitute the definition of a political culture (Gray). The traditionalistic nature of politics is evident on the long history of one party dominating, social and economic conservatism and low levels of voter turnout. On the other hand, the individualistic aspects of state politics are exemplified by the consistent support for private businesses, opposing the government and promotion of self-interest initiatives. It is note that these subcultures emerged from the migration patterns of people to Texas and the way they have settled in the state towards the end of the 20th Century especially in the northern part. Furthermore, it is quite cumbersome to advocate for new changes in the political system of Texas because people value these beliefs and are not ready to come out from them. However, the low-income people should be assisted from exploitation in order to raise their standards of living.

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