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Increasing Connection among Societies

Approximately a century ago, the human race lived in clusters of isolated communities scattered all over the continents. Industrialization began and it brought about a new infrastructural development. The construction of air transport started and sea transport improved considerably. People started interacting marking the beginning of a new era of globalization. Globalization refers to a situation whereby the means of communication and movement of people and goods between different parts of the world become quicker, easier, and more efficient. Consequently, the connection between different people becomes better, and the various forms of data exchange between them become easier. The resulting exchange could be social, political, or economic. With the advent of telecommunication particularly the Internet, cell phone networks, and fast air and sea transport development, the world has improved a connection of societies increasingly.

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The Internet is the leading tool behind globalization. Its network has developed over two decades to provide the most efficient and convenient means of communication. In this regard, the Internet has provided a unique opportunity for people to communicate with any other person as users are free to roam all over the network. This creates new acquaintances increasing the global connection of societies. Due to this kind of connection, travel and trade may be performed on a broad scale. Enhancement of cell phone communication has enabled mass-communication from any point covered by the network. This leads to an increase in socialization. Satellites have enabled broadcast by mass media over long distances and increased coverage. Information from different regions of the world can be accessed through the means of mass media. Societies are easily informed of the happenings in various places around the globe. With reliable means of communication, people are able to travel and physically interact with other individuals from societies that are different socially, politically, and economically.

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The establishment of means of connecting societies has given rise to a diverse range of outcomes. The most significant outcome is the diffusion of cultures. This includes religion, organization of political systems, and a way of living. Industrialization has been also spread due to the means of transportation by pioneers for a long distance sea travel from the western world to other continents. Religion, a major aspect of culture, has spread quickly across societies of the world through media and education. In addition, education has passed its ideas through the Internet, written literature, and mass media. Consequently, in today’s world, a single concept of modern education has been adopted with slight variations caused by diverse cultures and religions. Societies have accepted major aspects of certain cultures that are most influential in the world. This has occurred over time and especially commenced when the industrialized societies held political dominion over the less industrially developed societies. Improved communication has influenced the rate of movement of commodities and money on the global market. Therefore, negotiation and exchange can be done easily using electronic media. As a result, an efficient global market has enhanced trade. The majority of societies have adopted similar political systems due to enlarged connection among them around the world. Through education, people have imitated and adopted the political systems that are favorable to their settings from different societies.

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However, conflicts between societies that have different dogmas have occurred more often. The disagreements over religious and political ideologies have also had negative effects. Conflicts are costly and disrupt normal social, economical, and political order in the concerned societies. The diffusion of negative aspects of culture has also increased with enhanced connection. Mass media, moving picture technologies, the Internet, and increased travel and tourism rates have contributed to the deterioration of some cultural aspects. This has resulted in a global moral decadence.

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