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Social Networking Overuse

Obsessive use of the internet has revolutionized the manner in which people interact and communicate; it has even influenced the way in which our brains function. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter are high on the list in as far as websites that have a huge following around the globe are concerned.

According to psychologists, inabilityto focus for lengthy periods makes individuals to be unable to maintainhealthy relationships. Attachment within relationships is vital and many people are trying to satisfy their need to form attachments through these sites. This is not right because humans actually require face-to-face connections. According to Hilarie Cash, executive director at restart, the premier rehab clinic that deals with internet addiction, “These things are high virtues,you have to give the brain down time. But we don’t,” He referred to the need for people not to so much of their time on social sites.

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Many experts have argued that excessive use of the internet and more specifically the social sites may interfere in these peoples’ personal relationships. Cash goes on to add “it’s like trying to satisfy the need of hunger with just sugar: in the end you will starve.” According to Jeremy Willinger, the director of marketing and communications at the Mental Health Association of New York city, “without intervention, it’s essentially a suicide note.” He opined that people are expressing their emotions on social sites such as Facebook and in many instances, these emotions are deeply negative. According to Siavosh Arasteh, co-founder of FaceAnonymous, “when you log on, your brain is in a state of enormous anticipation because you have so many potential actions that could have happened while you are away.” This implies a sense of addiction on the side of the user.

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In conclusion, many people admit to surfing and check their social site accounts obsessively; most of them cannot imagine life without them. It is therefore recommended that people should try to find a balance of some kind.

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