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Socio-Cultural History of the African Americans

The African American, also known as the Black American or the Afro-Americans, refers to the black citizens or residents of the USA whose ancestry is from the local communities of the Sub-Saharan Africa. Initially this group of people was referred to as the America Negroes when there was no respect for the Africa Americans. However, this name is no longer used, courtesy of the African American activists who carried campaigns all over the USA to stop the use of the name since it disrespected the black Americans (Harrold & Hine, 2008).

African Americans are among the major minority races in the USA. They currently constitute approximately 13% of the US population (Wright, 2009). Majority of the African American in the USA are believed to be sons and daughters of the slaves taken from West and Central America countries to work as laborers in the present United States of America. Currently the term African American refers to any black person, even if not a descendants of the slaves, residing or citizens of the USA. It is worth noting that the African Americans have liberated themselves from the discrimination from the white and currently they enjoy equal privileges like any other US citizen (Wright, 2009).

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The social-cultures history of the African American begun in the 16th century when the African slaves in the USA revolted against the Lucas Vazquez de Ayllon, a Spanish explorer, and has grown up to date (Wright, 2009). The social-cultural history of the African American is made up of several resolved or ongoing issues such as racial segregation, fighting for civil rights, developing the African American Community, racism, slavery, participation in the Military the great military conflicts of the USA (Georgette, 2007).

Although the American African have not been involved in most of the state activities for many decades, currently they are famous in every activity in the USA ranging from sports, politics, business, education and other prestigious professions and careers that were dominated by the white people. The Current president of the United States Barrack Obama is an African American. This shows how the social- culture of the African American has changed with time from poor discriminated citizens to holders of some of the influential offices in the United States of America (Wright, 2009). Majority of the African American speak American English and are Christians of the protestant denomination. Currently majority of the African American young people dominate most of the sporting activities such as basketball and rap music which forms parts of the African American youth culture.

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