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Organizing and Wording Speeches

In reference to the challenge you have in finding a good nursing home for your now very aged grandparents, I have done some research about nursing homes so that you can be able to make an informed decision. The web offers tips on how to choose the right nursing home through a writer known as walker Thornton. The web gives one ideas on things to look for or even enquire when visiting a nursing home.

Nursing homes being facilities that are mainly used by the old, one should be very careful in selecting one. An old person, especially your grandparents age,  should be kept as comfortable as possible as such people can really complain claiming that they were ‘dumped’ there and that they no longer matter to anyone. The article has also provided a link that will offer you a list of nursing homes you can choose.

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When choosing a nursing home, it is also essential to choose on that is not so far away from where one is living so that one can frequently visit this aged people as they need assistance and they also need to see their loved ones around.

To get to this web and get more information, go to the Google website and type on the topic ‘How to choose the right nursing home’ then click on the search button. After a few seconds, it will display very many links about nursing homes which have some short sub- headings. Slowly scroll down the page and then click on the sub- heading that states ‘Tips on choosing a nursing home: Finding a nursing facility…’ This will display an article that you might find very useful in relation to the task that lies ahead of you (Jaffe 87).

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Please do not follow any other instructions to access this information but rather follow the instructions I have given you so that you will precisely get what I have researched for you.


Was my specific informative purpose achieved?

My specific informative purpose was achieved. The person was able to find the article and read it which has helped her make some decisions she was having a challenge like where to take the grandparents, inside or outside town. The person also admitted to me that she normally has trouble finding information in the web but this time round it was much easier than the other times she had tried before. This is because I tried to be more specific than general so that I even used dots where need be.

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Did the person find the article useful?

The person found the article very useful. She told me that she got quite a lot of information she really needed and she did not know where to start. The link that was written ‘nursing home compare page’ really guided her on how to get the specifics faster. Sometimes it is really hard to get what one wants when one is given a wide range of articles to choose from but the way I put the specific details when instructing her really helped her.

She also told me that she was able to use the opportunity to do some more research of her own thus she can now make a well informed decision.

Was the person able to find the successfully the article using your verbal instructions as a guide?

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I must admit that the person did not get the instructions by using the verbal instructions alone. This is because the purpose had misspells the word facility and written the word facilitator. This made her ask for some assistance but she was able to proceed smoothly from there on.

One of the disadvantages of delivering a verbal message is that there is a very high likelihood of the other party hearing the information wrongly or if they are writing it down, misspelling it like what happened in our case. The disadvantage of the web is that the alteration of a single word or letter can give one some completely different results than what one actually wanted (Lucas 51).

When it comes to verbal communication, one must be very careful for the wrong spelling of a word or its pronunciation can lead to the delivering of a completely different message than intended.

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The way one organizes their work is very important so that the message is well delivered. Messages that are delivered verbally need detail and specifics so that one can clearly get what is required of them. For example, it is important that one says lime green instead of just green or a tall orange building instead of just a tall building.

It is very important for the people giving verbal instructions to try and pronounce the words correctly even if they are challenged in that area. For example, river and liver mean two different things, pin and bin, pan and ban etc.

In verbal communication, it is important that the communicator gets the attention of the person he/she are delivering the message to. When one is attentive, they are less likely to get the wrong information unlike the one who is not fully concentrating.

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