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Why People are Attracted to Each Other

Man is a social animal and he always requires someone to whom he can share something. The relationships starts when two people with something common in them. But on the whole it is the psychological interpretation of the man that makes him attracted to someone else. There are various important things that are always available in the mind that makes the man to take certain decisions that could somehow shape his life in some way. Critically speaking the man being a social animal always had the needs that must be completed by another man or a woman. The relationships work in this way between the man and woman and end in marriages.

Social theory states that man takes a lot from the things that are happening around him and therefore his perceptions in understanding those things play a major role in designing of his psychological and sociological needs. Various studies have been done in this regards that focus on the events and stages of life and the actions that someone takes. What is the need of a relationship and why the person likes someone and dislikes someone when the disliked one is very beautiful and suits well to the eyes and heart but unable to get the certain attention that could allow a relationship. Psychologists have been working on their part in this phenomenon as well. They are continuously working to find the exact thing that allows attraction and interactions. This study is not complete without the impact from the biologists as well as the working of body parts is well suited to their research.

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Pheromones are defined as a chemical signal that is able to trigger a natural response in someone else. The word is an extension of hormones and correctly defies the basis of the relationships on the expense of the feelings. Pheromones are connected to the nasal cavity and interpret those things in another person that is likely to be seen by the person. Thus the role of pheromones is critical as it understands the priorities and idealism of the minds and perceive in the same manner. The things are positive and negative and it is the ability of the pheromones to interpret things in the same positive or negative manner.

It is observed that some decisions are being taken unconsciously by the human mind. When a man meets a woman there are certain things that attract them to each other. The sexuality is one of the main reasons because that is the part of the natural phenomenon but most importantly what more worth noting are the things that pheromones and the mind does under this attraction observations (Vangelisti & Perlman 1993). The mind is working in natural way of understanding the desires which are required for mating. The body type of man or woman directly is the reason for attraction but mind makes important decision allowing the persons to think whether the opposite person is good for mating or sex or any other thing that should be there to take place lately.

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Psychologists believe that the personality is an important quality of a person that can trigger pheromones to become more allusively direct attraction to the person. The personality is the mixture of body type, nature of the person, the gestures, the speaking, hearing and learning abilities that are more importantly required to understand each other abilities to lead a happy life (Miller et al 2007). For this reason it is assumed that the persons with overall good personality are attracted by most of us. Even with point in mind it could mean that the best person will be shared by all of us in every walk of life. As practically it doesn’t happen and cannot happens move to a point where we believe there are certain important features that help in identifying the best soul mate. The relationships of friends can help us identify the relationships in a better manner. Two people who haven’t seen each other come close to each other in certain events. No one knows what other person is like and no one is even worried of each other habits. But with things happening around them they start to share their feelings and ideological approach to different things. That is where they both start to know each other. Things change rapidly and soon the result is a strong relationship even though they are different in their approached but they seem to have a strong bond of understanding. Thus that is where the friend becomes attracted to the other and way as it feels the relationship is more of a sensual rather than sexual. They both need each other at different times and fulfilling other’s obligations leads to respect, care, love and responsibility (Hatfield & Rapson 1993). They both are of same sex and they are not homosexuals but they share more than that. Psychologists describe this relationship is based on some uncovering facts that help each other to understand each other by spending time together. In another scenario where male and female are the participants the theory might become a little bit different though the relationship basics and the personality attraction principles remain the same. There are events when the love at first sight occurs. This is called infatuation where the sudden impact of personality causes individuals to fall for someone. The first love is more often the result of body type and the beautiful face of the individuals. Though there are very complexities in this relation because apart from the physical approach used by each other they don’t know about the nature and other ideologies of the other (Miller et al 2007). There are cases that these relationships hang on for some time before separation. The other case is the more effective way when the two opposite sexes come close to each other and share their feelings and other things before falling in love and start a longer relationship.

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Social learning theory and its followers give these infatuations and attractions the name of needs. Every human requires any other person for daily matters of life like friends for spending time together because everyone gets spare time. Then there are family relationships where the love of mother and father always remains because in the broader perspective they all are also dependent upon each other (Monroe 1898). Parents teach their children to live life and earn money when the parents are young and as they grow old they expect their children to help them feed. But this is the way life works and we cannot deny the true love that only belongs to mother and father. Then the marital relationship where they both have urge to love and sex and to keep it pure in nature this relationship is what that is desired. The financial security, the bearing of children and the happy life after that all are important events of life and this makes the relationships and makes people to attract those who somehow can make the lives better.

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There are two basic things that are required in a relationship. One is communication and other is expectations. Both of them changes with time and become difficult to sustain. The strong relationship is what that comes out of this unharmed.

Another important theory that is put forward by the psychologists is the exchange theory. Psychologists believe that when someone is looking for a partner, they all keep in mind the abilities of the other. For example like a manager of a company which is looking for a merger to another company knows his company well and has access to the other company’s resources as well by various means. The manager will definitely merge with someone who is not suited for his company in finances, in business competency or any other thing. What he will choose has to be equal to his mental approach of his own company to merge another company. Still on the other perspective he will take it if the company is good for him in some manner and the merger will take place. Same is the rule of attraction in the people. They come close to each other and try to understand each other in every possible way. Before merger they have seen much of each other and virtually know all about the other which is there to be known. The merger takes place and the family goes on. The principle of psychology is not different from that of the sociologists as they both have agreed on the point that there are certain needs that are to be fulfilled are the reason for the attraction (Perlman 2007). That is why people are strongly attracted to each other as their needs will only be succeeded if they work in correspondence and solve the problems. Give and take in the final answer to theme that why people are attracted to each other.

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