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The Excesses of Nadya Sulman

It is a fact beyond doubts that we are in a completely materialistic world. The materialism and consumerism have changed us from being sensitive and concerned towards the moral responsibilities towards our fellow beings in the society. The article named ‘The excesses of Nadya Suleman’ speaks strongly about the dangers and limitations of insensitivity towards the legal, ethical and social consciences with regards to the practice of fertility medicines in American medical science.

Here we see a 33 year old unemployed single mother who has 14 kids including a set of twins. All of them are conceived through the expensive vitro fertilization at Beverly Hills Fertility clinic. The family of 14 turns out to be a group of kids living in bizarre and misery. The author is trying to point out to the society about who actually is responsible for the plight of these children. Is it the irresponsibility of the eccentric mother alone? Does the doctor have anything to do with the catastrophe the children are faced with? Does the man, who donated the sperm to produce these children, have any responsibility towards the kids? How can anyone obviously say no?

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However, with these exhortations he leads us to the fact that, we can not go ahead and do things because it can be done. The most personal and private decisions one may take will have, at times, telling effect on the society. It can be seen that in the case of the family of 14, where the bringing up of the children becomes not only the responsibility of the family or the village, but also the county, state and, then, the federal government. The article also emphasizes the fact that the intention to have children must be based on love, compassion and responsibility to the children. And then it is noble.

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