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Understanding Servia Maria`s Character

Love is one certain aspect in human life that makes humans different from other creations. It could be noted that through the years, humans have understood love and depicted love in stories in several approaches and understanding. In Garcia Marquez’s story entitled Of Love and All Other Demons, love was rather presented through its different sides of realization as it affects human lives. Believably through observation and research, the author was able to put two people in the novel making the implication of the story more reflective and appreciative for the writers to understand.

Servia Maria, although presented as a secondary character appeared to be among the most important aspects of the story making the correlation of each plot in the story rather relatively connected creating a much comprehensive flow of situations showing how love naturally controlled the lives of the people within the novel.

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As the author presented Servia Maria who was an innocent girl only 12 years of age, the story then allowed for the depiction of this character as a rather pure presentation of love. An unblemished source of emotion, a young girl who know nothing about deception and the darker demons of loving, that was what the character of Servia Maria suggested to exist within the story. Beling pure in intention, the love from Servia Maria served as one of the main factors that surged to fuel up the entire story’s circulation within the situations that the said young woman had to deal with as she grew.

Although Servia was an orphan, she knew how to love and how to care for people around her based on the love that has been presented to here by the people whom she owed so much care and attention. Later on, she falls in love with passion and expectations of being loved back. However, it seems that her love was out of something that pushed her to give attention to the wrong man. Father Cayetano became her most important interest that made here more and more excited of what life has to offer her yet. However, things had to change and seeing the love of her life has become one of the most impossible things to happen. He was a priest and has a promise of loving God alone.

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Although love was a genuine emotion that is noted to bring satisfaction and happiness to the human heart, it also is one matter that brings the hardest breakage to one’s heart when it becomes the bitterest part of one’s life. Pure as the love of Servia is, she was able to see how much her love for her man could actually create a great effect on her personality, her development and her being.


From a young girl to a mature yet innocent lover of Father Cayetano, the character of Servia Maria takes a great turn through the years of her growing. Believably, through the situations that she needed to face as a young girl, she needed to change towards the different options that life offers her. One particular offer of life that naturally changed her was that of loving Father Cayetano. Love as it was, it could only be explained by the ones feeling the connection between each other. This particular love though is something that could both be treated as the most wonderful feeling and a demon that brings a person down to the grave.

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Servia Maria’s character successfully contemplates with the thoughts that surround the entirety of the novel. Although she was not presented by the author as the main character, it is to no doubt that that she was the main element that controlled the whole story giving a huge impact on the ways by which the entire story was rolling up towards completion.

Why was the character of Servia Maria not Presented as the Main Player in the Novel

The author of the novel was keen enough to understand that turning the attention of readers towards the character of Servia would rather result to a too much focused understanding. Whereas, through utilizing the said approach, he was able to successfully help the readers see the importance of Servia’s existence in the story from a distant presentation that allowed him to turn the situations of the story based on the decisions that Servia made in her life and how other situations and other people in the novel naturally affected this particular set of decisions that she has made. True, the effectiveness of using the approach that the author utilized in the story, all the characters were given careful attention and development through the novel while giving out a message to the readers.

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Through this story, love was actually presented in different mirrors as it affects the decisions and the lives of ordinary people and how other elements in the society contribute to this particular matter as its importance is seen as a major reason for the development of human individuals in society back then and even at the present years of human generation.

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