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Art and Design: Wind from the Sea

Wind from the Sea appears to be a tempera painted on hardboard. The artistic work was done in 1947. From research, the work of art measures 47 by 70 centimeters. It is an iconic example of the artist’s, Wyeth, landscapes and one of his earliest paintings by use of windows and unique choices of vantage points. The painting seems realistic and has a finely detailed style of art. The picture seems to be eerily alive along with movements as wind blows curtains inside the room. Most importantly, the tattered as well as transparent fabric in the picture seems to be light and airy. On the contrary, the sun-bleached window looks both sturdy and solid. The artist is able to bring out the entire artistic work despite the fact that the room is dim whilst the entire landscape beyond the open window seems stark and bright. In other words, many things would attract an observer interested in artistic works to the picture by Andrew Wyeth.

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Moreover, the three-lined view has no figures. However, their presence can be strongly felt when one views the picture. In addition, two well-worn tracks of tire tend to run across the dirt. They direct an observer’s eye to the sea that is in the distance. Wyeth uses a close vantage point as well as a tightly cropped frame on the window towards the edge of the painting in order to develop an illusion that depicts that any viewer would be looking out of the window. The blowing curtains tend to evoke several features including a calm as well as quite beauty along with a little patch of the ocean in order to remind viewers that they are at the sea. It is also evident that the work of art by Wyeth has portrayed a clear landscape through filter of glasses and gauze. Most importantly, the zigzag sequence of the windows and the path tend to draw any viewer’s attention up through the whole painting and off the horizon whereby the Olson family’s graveyard exists. It has become evident that the careful balance of his design lies in the motion of the wind. In that case, the entire motion of the wind as well as the delicate movement of pictured curtains strike an observer’s eye.

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What attracts an observer the most is the use of color in the picture. The artist has used pure white throughout the edges of the room’s curtains. Despite the dull shade color of the curtain that can be described as yellow-orange, the edges of the curtains have been painted bright white that makes one to feel that the wind was providing the curtain a new chance to live. Furthermore, the tracks on the room’s meadow notable in front of that window indicate that people live in the lonely landscape, but at that moment one can enjoy the thoughts of living alone. The whole picture is interesting and is a deep illustration of a moment that worries can fade away as the wind from the sea blows curtains away into the room. Despite the little adventure in terms of colors in the whole picture, the painting had been done effectively. Warm colors have been used that depict movement of the wind across the land into the window. Wyeth has also recognized the outside landscape and included trees painted in black that offer the whole picture meaning.

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However, the work of art is not quite adventurous whenever one pays attention to the colors used. It is due to the fact that all the hues that have been used in the picture are white in color, green, black and notable yellow-orange. In spite of the wide use of warm colors, a sense of motion throughout the painting along with the black color used for trees from a distance provides the whole painting with cool spots. In that way, the colors can be termed as analogous depicting a foundational analogous scheme of yellow-orange and yellow colors. Lightness is also evident in the picture. Initially, the painting can be categorized on the lighter edge. Nevertheless, that is because the picture has been developed with sufficient non-saturation. Moreover, the tones depicted in the picture can be regarded as medium to dark except for the notable sky that seems to have a light tone. It is also vital to note that the dark window pane along with the relatively dark interiors of that room seem to emphasize a lighter landscape that is notable outside the room. Therefore, chiaroscuro can be termed as the whole contrast between dark and light. Therefore, the contrast can be seen from the lightness, but not by the saturation or the picture’s color.

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In conclusion, Wind from the Sea is a clear depiction of an effective work of art done by Wyeth. From color to tone, the picture has been well-developed to depict the meaning. The landscape is well-represented in the picture. The three-lined view has not been developed with any figure. However, they can be easily viewed as one looks keenly onto the whole picture. Color development in the picture can be termed as a way of attracting the viewed with pure white color being used for the edges of the curtains. Paying attention to colors might make the picture less adventurous since the artist has also used dull colors. However, the tones are well developed to depict the happenings inside and outside the room.

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